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Capitalism and democracy: what if we have it backwards? by Sheri Berman

by Sheri Berman, March 11, 2019

For most on the left the story of the last decades goes something like this. During the postwar era the ‘primacy of politics’ was the rule:

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Spring forward on March 10 – with Bernie!

The head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Univ said Trump may be in pre-dementia – unable to finish a sentence without drifting off into distraction.

The people ahead of the government change their minds. The 245 Democratic votes to revoke the national emergency is a triumph of truth and humiliation for Trump. He goes to his corner as a clear and present danger as McConnell goes to his insider trading
Public spirit can be restored with community centers and taxation of the rich. Medicare, Medicaid, Pell grants, Low Income Housing Tax credits, HUD, SNAP, EPA, Department of Education, The Legal Corporation, WIC food assistance, the National Institute for Health, and school lunches are achievements, not excesses or frivolities to be punished!

Mudslinging + enriching the super-rich = cynicism and mistrust In the horse-sparrow theory, horses must be fed so the sparrows can live (cf. John Kenneth Galbraith). In Adam Smith’s invisible hand theory, the common good or public good happens when everyone pursues their self-interest. In truth, the economy exists for people and not the other way around! The economy is a part of life, not a sledgehammer crushing self-determination and creativity. In Chinese, the same Chinese letter represents crisis and opportunity.

Is Trump synonymous with burlesque government, by scandal, cynicism, and incompetence? He appointed the Eli Lilly CEO as Secretary of Health and Human Services after the price of insulin skyrocketed 300% in ten years! No, corporate profits do not equal community health.
The financial sector should be shriveled and the public sector expanded..

Spring forward. Truthfulness is like a leap across seventy thousand fathoms of water (Soren Kierkegaard). Trump’s resignation would be an act of political courage and would save the country trillions! One act of courage can be more important than a thousand sermons! (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

more at www.openculture, www.grin.com, www.therealnews.com www.citizen.org, and www.taxjustice.net

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Public Good or Private Wealth

Public Good or Private Wealthby Werner Raza and Willy Sabautski


Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam International, summarizes the interests of Oxfam International in a few sentences:
The deep and growing chasm between the rich and the poor is not an accident. This gulf is the result of political decisions. […] Many rich countries have lowered or abolished property taxes; they hardly exist in poor countries. […] At the same time, governments reduce spending on education and health care or shift these indispensable services to private profit-oriented suppliers that the poorest cannot afford. […]

Misguided policy led us into this crisis and true policy can lead us out. We can overcome inequality when governments properly tax the wealthy and corporations and invest these revenues in health care and education.

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“Ten Years after the Financial Crash” by Rudolf Hickel, Dec 2018

How mainstream economics dealt with the crisis

For the first time,  the connections and consequences of speculative capitalism dominating the real economy were made visible.

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“Capitalism is Responsible for Your Depressing Office Building” https://www.thenation.com/article/capitalism-is-responsible-for-your-depressing-office-building/

Over a century ago, John Ruskin predicted how ugly and inhuman industrialized capitalism would become.

By Chris Gelardi

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Video: David Harvey explains the “Crisis of Capitalism,” RSA Animate, 2010, 11 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hgszeNb8wU more at www.freembtranslations.net, www.grin.com, www.openculture.com, www.onthecommons.org, and www.therealnews.com

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Rights instead of Alms

It is time to champion a basic right to housing and ensure its reality. “An authentic faith that is never comfortable and individualistic always includes the deep desire to change the world,” wrote Pope Francis. Every Christian and every community is called to be God’s instrument for liberation and advancement of the poor.

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The crowd is untruth and the Twitterer is untruth

Flakes, morons, phonies and the bull-headed need civil society as the particular needs the universal or the penultimate needs the ultimate (Dietrich Bonhoeffer).
Truth is often indirect – wounding from behind. (Soren Kierkegaard). Truth wells up within us at that moment and canot’t be commanded.
The crowd is untruth (Kierkegaard) as the Twitterer is untruth. 15 false claims a day for 2018 is exhausting!
Trump finished paying into social security tax 40 minutes into the new year! The cap at $164K means if you earn $330 million, you only pay in on the first $164K.
Hope like the immigrant calls for new perspectives. Faith is more interruption than custom. God help us to survive! (Talking Heads)

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What are the Alternatives to Neoliberal Globalization? by Joachim Hirsch and Gert Ewen Ungar


Capitalism seemed to have a more social or civilized face for a time. After Roosevelt’s New Deal and the defeat of fascism, gradual development of the social state occurred in Europe. Unions were accepted. The rulers were forced to several political and social concessions.


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Ten Years After the Financial Crash by Rudolf Hickel, 2018 http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2019/02/437144.shtml US economic statistics are dubious since financial markets are based on financial products and money out of nothing. Tax havens, micro-second betting, stock buybacks, and corruption through lobbying are market-distorting and cause revenue shortfalls. Capitalism contains crisis as rain clouds contain rain (Jean Jaures). Capitalism is rife with contradictions where CEOs are stylized “job creators” and workers are degraded as “cost factors.” Capitalism creates false needs, false values, and false consciousness while commodifying all life and reducing our partner nature to an external, free good or sink (cf. Herbert Marcuse). Markets and competition are fetishes. Neoliberalism is an ideology and indoctrination where private wealth is everything and public good is nothing.

The system that made fearmongers and con-men like Cheney, Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump rich is a system of false needs, false values, and false consciousness. Socialism for the super-rich and rugged individualism for the majority!
The bull-headed is mistaken for the humble and sledge-hammers and wrecking balls are confused with domestic policy. The market isn’t a self-healing panacea but an instrument helpful after we agree on priorities for human society. with equal opportunities. The state should fulfill the public interest, fight poverty, help those under the wheel, and create family-wage jobs for those entering the labor market.
more at www.steadystate.org, www.freembtranslations.net, www.grin.com, www.openculture.com, and www.therealnews.com

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