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Bolivia: the left returns to power


Bolivia – the left returns to power
“The people have won”

by Otto Köenig and Richard Detje

The Bolivian people have proven that reason, dignity and fighting spirit cannot be suppressed either by a military coup or by government repression. The election result has implications not only for Bolivia, where it is an important step towards the restoration of democracy, but for the entire Latin American region in terms of democracy, national independence and economic and social progress.

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Trump is defeated


Trump is defeated
by Joachim Bischoff and Bernhard Mueller

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the new presidential team of the United States. Still the incumbent tries to overturn the result in several states. Joe Biden has won the presidential election.

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Trump’s United States is looking more and more like a banana republic

Trump’s United States looks more and more like a banana republic
by M Kilian, H Wetzer and C Zaschke


“The country that was once an exemplary democracy is becoming a Third World banana republic.” For a week now, Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the election and future president. But the loser and previous incumbent Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge this. Trump claims he won the election and Biden wants to take the victory away from him. Trump calls the votes that cast for him “legal.”

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Democracy beyond Corona

Democracy beyond Corona
by Roland Roth, 9/28/2020


Diverse democracy immunizes against authoritarian impositions.
Whether the experiences of the lockdown will result in lasting damage in the sense of a democratically consumptive “new normality” depends not least on whether it is possible to take up and strengthen the very existing democracy-building impulses and initiatives – from “Black Lives Matter” to “Fridays for Future”.

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Democracy and COVID19

Democracy and COVID-19
by Nikolaus Dimmel, Christina Berndt, Wolfgang Kubicki and Ulrike Bauereithel, October 2020

Lockdown and curfews, state of emergency and tracing apps, compulsory testing and quarantines, serial stops, compulsory masks, short-time work and mass unemployment, waves of bankruptcies and extended poverty traps: the COVID-19 disaster has escalated the chronic crisis of capital utilization with falling profit and mediocre growth rates. The public space was emptied.

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Biden’s victory shifts the balance of power in Washington

Biden’s victory shifts the balance of power in Washington
An analysis by Daniel Haufler
Oh, it’s going to be so nice when you hardly hear from Trump any more.

Daniel Haufler is the responsible editor for the online debate magazine Gegenblende and its podcasts.

The future US President Joe Biden is the exact opposite of Donald Trump. He stands for decency and credibility. That is why he was elected. But the Republicans still use their opportunities to dismantle democracy. Even without Trump. Biden is facing a difficult term in office – but he is the right man for the job and he has the right vice-president.

[This article published on Nov 9, 2020 is translated from the German on the Internet, https://gegenblende.dgb.de/artikel/++co++18c8af9c-2291-11eb-ac5a-001a4a16011a. ]

People are celebrating on the streets, champagne is splashing up, US flags are waving, bright sunshine.

This is how people in Washington celebrated when the election victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was certain. The mood was as exuberant as if a dictator had been overthrown.

The nightmare is – almost – over. US President Donald Trump does not want to admit it yet, but he has clearly lost the presidential elections to his challenger Joe Biden. But what does that mean? This question can only be answered in part so far.

Democracy works in the USA – to some extent

First and foremost: The world’s longest existing democracy functions in spite of Trump – and largely without problems. More people than ever before have cast their votes in the US elections. All the measures to irritate minorities with fake news, to make postal voting more difficult, to intimidate them with militias and to prevent them from voting have ultimately failed. In what is probably the most important election in the country for decades, a majority of over five million citizens voted against Donald Trump – although he too succeeded in mobilizing his base to an undreamt-of extent.

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Debts are not a problem

Debts are not a problem by Ulrike Herrmann, Nov 2020
Rich states can easily get into debt-and the financial markets expect this. Modern Money Theory (MMT) states that our economic system cannot function at all without national debt. Deficits are good, not bad.

Democrats want a big stimulus package to invest in infrastructure and climate protection. Keynesians like Paul Krugman have always called for government investment when the economy is paralyzed

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Big Pharma profits at any price

Big Pharma profits at any price
by Monique Ryser

Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and today professor at Harvard Medical School, is disillusioned in the arte film: “With the prices of medicines it is no longer a question of covering the development costs, but only of making as much profit as possible. The drug Kymriah is cited as an example (Infosperberber reported). The gene therapy against leukemia costs 320,000 euros. Especially disturbing, according to Angell: The therapy was researched at the University of Pennsylvania with public funds. Novartis holds the patent and distributes the therapy, which is also approved in Switzerland and Germany. Hematologist Jean-Paul Vernant admits that gene therapy requires complex procedures and is very expensive. “But that does not justify this excessive price. If we were to replicate this therapy in public hospitals, the maximum cost would be 40,000 euros,” says the physician practicing at the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital in Paris.

“Almost all innovations today come from public research,” says Marcia Angell. This often results in spin-offs that are then taken over by large pharmaceutical companies. “The pharmaceutical companies also locate themselves locally around the universities so that they can only cross the street to buy a patent or take over the entire company,” says Marcia Angell.

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Is Trump failing in the fight against the pandemic and the shattered economy?


The politically triggered lockdown to combat the pandemic caused 22 million people to lose their jobs abruptly in spring. The subsequent easing of restrictions during the summer months brought back a large part of these jobs, but by no means all of them. The recovery in the USA is clearly losing momentum. Employment growth is slowing down.

The state of the economy is rightly considered the most important factor influencing the re-election or de-election of an American president. Voters* tend to blame the leader in the Oval Office for their personal situation in the labor market and the economic situation in general. The power of the incumbent president during and after his corona illness cannot hide the fact that neither he nor the Republican leadership has a concept for shaping the future.

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Trump’s fight against the law


Trump stands for the rejection of the universalist traditions of the US, for the abolition of the rule of law and the reign of the lie.

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