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End Russophobia! Time for a New Detente Policy

End Russophobia! Time for a New Detente Policy
Interview with Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, 2/8/2018


NATO’s eastern expansion (from 16 to 28 states) was and is a serious strain on relations with Russia. This is also true for the missile defense system in Poland and Rumania. Moscow fears its nuclear second-strike capacity is compromised.

Politicians and colleagues who support a more differentiated picture of Russia and seek ways out of confrontation to the high goal of peace do not venture speaking publically for fear of being slaughtered in the media.

A simple good-evil scheme is all too often dominant. Russia alone is always on the evil side – wherever one looks, in the Ukraine, Syria or sports. Moral judgments and double standards arer used in all possible areas instead of politidcal analysis. Now and then, a kind of hysteria prevails. This is stronger in the US than in Germany. Any contact with Russia is criminalized and put under a general suspicion. The McCarthy era sends its greetings.

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Trump Signs Massive Spending Bill as Stock Market Tanks

Maybe Trump should be called the bankruptcy president taking billions from K-12! Corporate wealth at the expense of the future! The $6 or $8 billion should be returned to HUD. Only hypocrites and scoundrels would punish public housing, an achievement making life human.

Trump Signs Massive Spending Bill as Stock Market Tanks, Feb 12, 2018
Rising up with Sonali on KPFA

Nomi Prins on Trump’s Financial Arsonists, Feb 1, 2018

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Zombie Capitalism by Chris Harman

Chris Harman is a leader of the Socialist Workers Party in the UK.
to read his book published by Haymarket Books in 2010, click on


“We live in an unstable world, and the instability is going to increase. It is a world where a billion people feel hungry everyday, and the hunger is going to increase. By mid 2007, a number of banks suddenly discovered they could not balance their books and stopped lending to each other.”

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A Year of Trump and Right-wing Populism

A Year of Trump and Right-wing Populism
by Conrad Schuhler, January 2018


In the GOP tax bill, $5 trillion is given to households with over $1 million income. Seniors, the poor, children and students are attacked. The severe cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, HUD, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, SNAP, food stamps, WIC food assistance, the EPA, the Department of Education, Pell grants, the National Health Institute, National Endowment for the Arts and The Legal Corporation are sadistic.

Paul Ryan, majority leader in the House, received nearly $500,000 from the Koch Brothers and should resign to protect the honor of Congress. Corruption, revolving doors and a pay-to-play Congress are marks of darkness. Are we headed backwards to the 11th century when narcissism and illiteracy were normalized and not overcome?

Here’s an hour-long address by economist Richard Wolff broadcast on 2/6/2018 on KBOO’s Flashpoints program

and a psychological explanation of narcissist personality disorder:

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The Future as Transformation by Birgit Mahnkopf

The Future as Transformation
by Birgit Mahnkopf, Luxemburg 2/2015


There is no future with present-day capitalism. Capitalism stands for a movement of endless profit-making. Only a radical breach with the capitalist accumulation dynamic can nurture the hope of a reasonably tolerable future for human civilization on this planet.

Climate change is not avoidable anymore today even if its cumulative effects are first expected in the middle of the millenium.

Ms. Mahnkopf is a professor of European social policy in Berlin.

Joe Kennedy was incredible. Hear his 13 minute speech: “Resist Trump’s divisiveness; we are all worthy. They are turning life into a zero-sum game.”


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Liberalization of Public Service: A Democratic Achievement is Subjected to the Rules of Competition by Christine Wicht and Carsten Lenz

Trump turns away from everything touched by Obama and paves the way to the Dark Age. Will this be the 11th century when illiteracy and narcissism are accepted and not overcome? Here’s a link to “Liberalization of the Public Services” by Christine Wicht and Carsten Lenz. Happy reading! http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/01/435460.shtml
Public service guarantees and influences the essential living conditions of our society and has a proven tradition in Germany for over 100 years. Privatizations have mainly led to private oligopolies which did not bring any improvements over state monopolies.

The quality of secondary education may not depend on the income of the parents. The social equality of all citizens is the purpose of state services. Corporations evade their responsibility toward society but expect an intact infrastructure on which they can depend.

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America Reacts to a Low-Point by Daniel Haufler

America Reacts to a Low-Point
by Daniel Haufler, 12/13/2017


With Doug Jones’ victory in the Alabama senate race, the end of the Trump era moved a little closer. Alabama’s citizens set a sign of resistance. The left and moderates can only win together.

In the GOP tax heist (NY Times), the rich and the richest will be given permanent Christmas presents while the middle class is punished with higher taxes int he long-term. 13 million Americans will lose their health care since the law restricts Obama-care.

The social contract means compromises, concessions, negotiations, and counter-measures. When the $6 billion is returned to HUD and the savage cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, Pell grants, SNAP food assistance, the Legal Corporation, CHIP, EPA, PBS and WIC food assistance are rescinded, we can be happy campers.


Acceptance – a theological term – of ourselves and our planetary challenges seems so far away. Born free, we are everywhere in chains. Possessions possess us more than we possess them. Trump is possessed by his narcissism and thinks the 4th of July was about himself!

40 years ago there was DEVO
warning us of the descent society
here’s an hour from 1977! Enjoy!


and The Moody Blues” Long Distance Voyager


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Tax Reform in the US: Trump’s Attack on America by Soren Brandes, Dec 21

The tax reform of the Republicans is a blow against the welfare state. It strikes low-income persons and was prepared in the 1970s. $5 trillion is given to households with over a million dollars income! Tax cuts for corporations and the super-rich are paid for with an additional $1.5 trillion in deficits!

The tax reform is profitable for Donald Trump but could cost the Republicans a re-election. The character of the tax heist (NY Times) can be understood with the help of the history of the Republican tax-cutting obsession. Public policy is different than sadism, greed and chaos.


The Art of the Lie
Trump Historic First Year Failure on Government Integrity and Accountability Issues
by Democracy 21 and Common Cause Education Fund, January 2018


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Is Economic Speculation a Form of Structural Violence? by Rene Steenbock

Is Economic Speculation a Form of Structural Violence?
by Rene Steenbock, 2013, grin.com


According to neoclassical economic theory, the financial markets always return to equilibrium. Problems only occur because of state intervention. The 2008 financial crisis should never have happened.

Tulip bulbs were first an object of speculation at the start of the 17th century. The stock market crash of 1929 was similar.
The roaring twenties led to an enormous stock euphoria. Critics and admonishers were ignored or mocked and warning signals largely ignored. In 2018, corporations inflate their stocks in a $70 billion stock buy back program.

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Poverty Returns with Misguided Policy by Franz Segbers, 62 pages

Poverty Returns with Misguided Policy by Franz Segbers



Poverty in a rich country is the result of political decisions and is not a natural phenomenon. Poverty is produced. It is not made by the poor even if responsibility is shifted to them. Income poverty is the end on a scale of income conditions whose other end is formed by wealth.

Poverty is returning. That must be our first discovery when we speak about poverty in Germany. Once it was fought and became a marginal problem. Why is it returning? For a long while, there was the firm belief that life goes forward and we live in an elevator society. Our children will be better off. That was the motto when I was growing up.

This picture of the elevator society where everyone would be prosperous is not reality any more. Everyone is not on an upward course any more. The picture has turned upside down. While some are going upward, others are going downward

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