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Markets as a Fetish, Globalization for the Many, and Dissent Management

by Joachim Hirsch, Rainer Mausfeld, and Werner Raza


Rainer Mausfeld explains how emancipative needs for change are neutralized. Democratic societies are only acceptable to the centers of power where they are risk-free for the powerful. Opinion management or control is one of the most important techniques of rule.

Economic inequality must be reduced and democratic participation regained. Resisting tax avoidance, financial market regulations, climate policy, and globally combating poverty should be priorities.

Unlike apples and bananas, financial products are not visible but hidden under complex numbers and data. International capital succeeded in eluding restrictions. Controls were rescinded by the governments themselves. The “markets” then ensured that democracy would go downhill.

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The Social State is the Future

The social state is the future and isn’t “Bolshevism”! The state should fulfill the public interest and fight poverty.

Trickle-down neoliberal economic theory is rife with lies and myths and leads to exploding inequality and precarious labor.

Around 1980, wages and productivity began to diverge and workers relied on credits to survive the time of outsourcing and downsizing.

Once 90% of investment was productive and 10% was speculative. Now that is reversed. States and communities suffer from revenue shortfalls. In the 1960s, 40% of Federal revenue came from corporations. In 2016, that fell to 8%!

Markets are not self-healing or intrinsically ethical.

Financial markets aren’t efficient and are kept alive by injections of taxpayer money.

Corporations are kept alive by stock-buybacks and profit-shifting to tax havens.

Fair tax policy must involve closing tax havens and ending tax competition.

Imagine a future with reduced working hours, respecting the rights of nature, exchanging roles, expanding the public sector and shriveling the financial sector!

Imagine a country without Wall Street and the Pentagon!

more at www.citizen.org, www.openculture.com, www.grin.com, www.truth-out.org, www.commondreams.org, www.onthecommons.org, and www.therealnews.com

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Five Things the Shutdown Shows Us About 2019 https://truthout.org/articles/five-things-the-shutdown-shows-us-about-2019/ Number One: Trump Will Be Even More Off the Rails It can’t be stated often enough: The most powerful office in the world is occupied by a myopic egomaniac.

“What is The American Left?”by Norman Birnbaum

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Taxes – The Great Bluff

by Nico Beckert and zebralogs


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Don the con is a moron and a phony, the pathological narcissist is a pathological paranoia, a clear and present danger – who should go to his room

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Capitalism means Crisis and Trade War

by Elmar Altvater and Christian Schroeppel


`Capitalism contains crisis as rainclouds contain rain, said Jean Jaures, a 19th-century French socialist. Big Pharma, Big Wall Street, and Big Military Complex have armies of lobbyists. False concepts that financial markets are efficient and tend to equilibrium still rule economics.

Cynicism and doublespeak dominate. The powerful create one set of rules for themselves. Trump boasts that he hasn’t paid taxes./ Trillions were lavished on corporations and wealthy individuals in the two GOP tax heists. Communities and states suffer revenue shortfalls.

We the People should govern and politics should control economics. The state should represent the public interest and fight poverty.

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Video-Book TV: “The Narcissism Epidemic” by Jean Twenge, 2009

Narcissism, the cult of specialness, was said to be the ladder of success and yet leads to anti-social behavior, contempt for others, exploding inequality, doublespeak, and megalomania. Solipsism, the peak of narcissism, makes others disappear. The self becomes the only authority while others and the world are only a backdrop.

Similarly, self-righteousness is the “grand delusion,” said theologian Eberhard Juengel. Persons become curved in themselves. Trust in oneself, others and God becomes impossible when lies replace truth, when cynicism replaces interdependence, when the super-rich steal trillions of taxpayer money and when the state becomes an errand boy for the rich.

Trickle-down economics is the horse-sparrow theory that the horse must be fed so the sparrow can live. This is discredited by history as well as the austerity myth. What is true for individual households can be untrue for the state. The state can contract debts to help the present and future generations. The state should fulfill the public interest and reduce poverty. Often the state is captive to special or private interests in privatization, deregulation, and liberalization of the markets (or speculation).

“When the state trust citizens, citizens trust the state,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Can we learn from O Canada as the Twitterer is forced to his room after two years of lies, vulgarities, crimes, broken promises, fear-mongering, doublespeak and scapegoating?

The country and the planet depend on truth-telling, interdependence, and compromise, not on lies, tax fraud, profit shifting, tax havens and trickery!

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On the Welfare State and Migration

The rights-based welfare state: Public budgets and economic and social rights/ Olivier De Schutter, Friedrich Ebert foundation/ November 2018/ 80 pp


Tomorrow’s world of migration and mobility
Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Geneva, Nov 2017, 64 pp


Marc on Dec 25

The ultimate needs the penultimate as the penultimate needs the ultimate as its hope, utopia or vision. So God would be an abstraction without identifying with Israel and Jesus.

Jesus is the love of God in a world at enmity with God. The future made present! “Total help for total need,” said Karl Barth in the dark 1930s in Germany. May his transforming joy be your joy!

more at www/grin.com, www.onthecommons.org, www.therealnews.com, www.openculture.com and www.nhl.com

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On the Refugee Debate by Marco Wenzel, 11/30/2018

The rulers want to divert from the real causes of the refugee wave and from their own misdeeds because the cause of the misery is an exploitation crisis of capital and the greed of mammoth world corporations for more dominance or “free markets.” Only the prospect for a future in their country can stop refugees, not borders. Just trade would be the first step. Borders are a thorn in the eye to capital. Writing from Thailand, the author tells about the ideologies storming in from Europe.

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Right-wing Security Risk and “Game Over”

by Ingar Solty and Ernst Wolff

Right-wing Security Risk and “Game Over” by Ingar Solty and Ernst Wolff

Security is their favorite theme because4 they can divert the masses from the fact that their economic and social policy is directed against their material interests. Their policy creates the lack of perspectives from which criminality arises.

The collapse of the global casino is comparable to an avalanche. We are now in the first stage of this process. The message of the global financial sector is clear. The casino closes its doors. the game is over.

Marc on Dec 25


“…For five straight years before Ryan took over, deficits had declined. By the time he gave his self-satisfied farewell, they’d increased by $343 billion — a product of Ryan’s tax breaks for corporations and millionaires, which will cost $2 trillion over the next decade.

Thanks to the very deficit he created, Ryan then left office warning that Congress needed to cut — you guessed it — Medicare and Social Security. (No doubt he’s still stinging from his 2017 failure to throw 24 million Americans off their health care — a feat of pure sociopathy he actually said he’d been dreaming about since he “was drinking out of kegs.”)

Ryan was never a serious thinker and he didn’t care about debt. He was a frat bro from a wealthy family who read a lot of Ayn Rand, a writer who called it “a disease” to do anything good for “the primordial savages” who made up “the collective” — i.e., the public.

A bad model for public servants, if you ask me.

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