11-point Plan for a New Socialism by Mario Candeias


[This article published in Luxemburg December 2019 is translated from the German on the Internet, www.linksnet.de.]

The break with the old neoliberal and new authoritarian policies becomes a necessity in the face of the multiple crisis. An impending economic slump would exacerbate this situation. The “middle way” of post-ideological openness and left-wing liberal criticism is becoming powerless. Even those who advocate the preservation of liberal civil liberties and minimum standards of solidary living must take a stand against authoritarianism and neoliberalism, i.e. for a more radical left course.

Now is the moment of decision, at a time of interregnum, when different developments are still possible. A socialist project is necessary in view of the danger of barbarism. It is fed by the wishes and longings for the future, for concrete utopia. A socialist narrative is important here, but at the same time it must be very concrete, developed from the socialist interventions. The adjective socialist refers to practice and not to a finished blueprint.

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