Right-wing Security Risk and “Game Over”

by Ingar Solty and Ernst Wolff

Right-wing Security Risk and “Game Over” by Ingar Solty and Ernst Wolff

Security is their favorite theme because4 they can divert the masses from the fact that their economic and social policy is directed against their material interests. Their policy creates the lack of perspectives from which criminality arises.

The collapse of the global casino is comparable to an avalanche. We are now in the first stage of this process. The message of the global financial sector is clear. The casino closes its doors. the game is over.

Marc on Dec 25


“…For five straight years before Ryan took over, deficits had declined. By the time he gave his self-satisfied farewell, they’d increased by $343 billion — a product of Ryan’s tax breaks for corporations and millionaires, which will cost $2 trillion over the next decade.

Thanks to the very deficit he created, Ryan then left office warning that Congress needed to cut — you guessed it — Medicare and Social Security. (No doubt he’s still stinging from his 2017 failure to throw 24 million Americans off their health care — a feat of pure sociopathy he actually said he’d been dreaming about since he “was drinking out of kegs.”)

Ryan was never a serious thinker and he didn’t care about debt. He was a frat bro from a wealthy family who read a lot of Ayn Rand, a writer who called it “a disease” to do anything good for “the primordial savages” who made up “the collective” — i.e., the public.

A bad model for public servants, if you ask me.

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  1. Marc says:

    Welcome to US plutocracy or oligarchy where the state is only the errand boy of the banks (Bill Moyers)! Democracy and procedural justice demand the state represent the public interest, not special or private interests. The richest 8 or 80 persons have more wealth than 3.4 billion people! Time for alternative post-materialist economics!

    The financial markets uncoupled from the real economy. $19 trillion of taxpayer money bailed out “too-big-to-fail” banks. Corporations spent $6-7 trillion in stock buybacks. The next recession will cause the bursting of financial bubbles. Fair tax policy must include drying up the tax havens and ending tax competition.

    Paul Ryan needs a change of perspective so he sees the last two decades as a lucky throw of the dice and not wondrous self-sacrifice on his part. He was stuffing his pockets and terrifying seniors over cuts to Social Security and Medicare! Returning the money would be a sign of mutuality and responsibility. Tax cuts for the super-rich cause revenue shortfalls for communities and social misery for the poor, disabled, seniors, children and students!

    more at http://www.therealnews.com, http://www.onthecommons.org, http://www.steadystate.org, http://www.openculture.com, and http://www.grin.com

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