On the Welfare State and Migration

The rights-based welfare state: Public budgets and economic and social rights/ Olivier De Schutter, Friedrich Ebert foundation/ November 2018/ 80 pp


Tomorrow’s world of migration and mobility
Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Geneva, Nov 2017, 64 pp


Marc on Dec 25

The ultimate needs the penultimate as the penultimate needs the ultimate as its hope, utopia or vision. So God would be an abstraction without identifying with Israel and Jesus.

Jesus is the love of God in a world at enmity with God. The future made present! “Total help for total need,” said Karl Barth in the dark 1930s in Germany. May his transforming joy be your joy!

more at www/grin.com, www.onthecommons.org, www.therealnews.com, www.openculture.com and www.nhl.com

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  1. Marc says:

    Time for reflection, rethinking, metanoia and system change!

    America becomes a plutocracy or oligarchy when the !% buy the politicians, when the government becomes an errand boy for the banks, when climate change is encouraged, when tax havens hide corporate profits and when the poor are ignored or made invisible.

    “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath!”

    Why don’t US workers have legally mandated vacations, child care and reduced working hours? Canadian workers enjoy 19 days of paid vacation every year.

    Imagine a country without Wall Street and the Pentagon!

    When will we put the horse before the cart and set the person and nature in the center and not profit maximization? When will we hear the wake-up call and see the writing on the wall? Baby tantrums and fear-mongering cannot replace domestic and foreign policy!

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