Herbert Marcuse: The One-Dimensional Man

Herbert Marcuse: The One-Dimensional Man

Herbert Marcuse: The One-Dimensional Man by Jan Schuttler, Juliane Scholz and Yvonne Rudolph, grin.com


“Manipulation of needs” is one of the control instruments. Rulers change needs through manipulation. False needs are needs imposed from above like production and consumption of useless things.

The need for freedom no longer exists in developed capitalist countries. While individuals are manipulated and indoctrinated, they should distinguish false and true needs.

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    Why Sheep Remain Silent in Times of Elitist Democracy? by Eda Cleary, July 20, 2019, Colombo Telegraph


    “Why do sheep remain silent?” is the title of Germany’s most important political bestseller, written by psychology professor Rainer Mausfeld (2018) and read by millions of readers (Warum schweigen die Lämmer?). There he analyses in simple and profound language the dismantling of traditional democracy in Western Europe at the hands of neoliberal elites calling themselves ‘centre’ and ‘moderate’. In his study he points out that this “center” has become the “most radical anti-democratic political force” of modern times by delivering a deadly blow against the right to free expression of majorities by installing governments for the benefit of the richest minority through popular vote.

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