Totalitarianism of Self-Optimization

Totalitarianism of Self-Optimization by Max Tholl

“Feel-don’t think” is the mantra of the illuminated who accept the social dislocations. This is a withdrawal to private solutions in view of the mounting collective problems. Mindfulness therapy fits perfects into the contemporary I-fixation that rules many lives.

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  1. Marc says:

    The system is the error. Jeff Bezos earns more in 12 seconds than an average Amazon worker in a year!
    Paying fair taxes is survival of schools, roads, hospitals, water quality, food safety & airwaves.
    The poor need a strong state, not $2.7 billion daily on wars and 800 military bases.
    The state could be a social and active state, not a punishing and activating state. The state could be “nature’s trust” (cf. Mary Woods) and protect the rights of future generations. The state could do more than enrich corporations.
    Economics mutates into PR for the banks. Words are turned upside down in neoliberalism. Free market comes to mean free for monopolists, rentiers, bankers and landlords! (cf. Michael Hudson).
    A solidary society would first ensure huts are built,before buying the hammers. (cf. Peter Oberdammer)

  2. Marc says:

    Kierkegaard and Christianity: The Difficulty of Communication
    by Roberto Garaventa, professor in Italy

    “The upbuilding is not for the healthy but for the sick, not for the strong but for the weak. Thus for the presumably healthy and strong it is bound to appear at first as the terrifying. For the one without a broken and contrite heart, it is at first the crushing. Where thereis nothing terrifying whatever and no terror whatever, there is nothing that builds up either

    *In another text, Kierkegaard distinguishes between the «communication of knowledge»$which is direct, because in it «it is the ob2ect which is reflected upon” and the «communication of capability» which is «more or less indirect»…

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