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The anthology “Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation” includes 3 translator’s introductions, 3 poems from the translator, 12 articles by Tomas Konicz, and articles by Ulrike Herrmann, Helmut Martens, Franz Garnreiter, Sven Giegold, Karl Georg Zinn, Mohssen Massarat, Joachim Bischoff, Andreas Kolbe. Attac and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. New priorities, assumptions, and policies are vital.

Swiss, Austrian, Polish, and German critical economists could help us find a future-friendly economics. Reducing working hours could be discovered as a socio-economic investment. Trickle-down economics has no answer to exploding inequality and precarious work. Another world is possible and another economics is necessary! Celebrate your independence! Happy reading and happy research!

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