A fair and solid crisis financing by Philipp Gerhartinger and Joseph Voss, May-June 2020


The contrast between the EU and the US in COVID financing could hardly be greater. McDonald’s operators, Marathon Oil (over $400 million), Exxon, Chevron and Sea World received relief and will reduce their future tax payments. Tax gifts characterize the US way of corruption and contradict these recommendations.

Translator Marc’s note:

US taxpayers paid $107 billion more to the police than to public housing. What a terrible inversion?

Humans are not clams with built-in housing.The state shouldn’t steal away from feeding and housing its people as corporations shouldn’t steal away from paying fair taxes.

Do Trump, McConnell, Graham, and the rest of the state on probation know that public housing is related to enforcing human rights and democratic/constitutional guarantees?

Do speculation and financial markets ensure unaffordable rents and exploding inequality? Is the state complicit for encouraging speculation and shifting corporate profits to tax havens?

Couldn’t the state create jobs and purchasing power and adjust to the lockdown or free-fall economy?

Time to shift the billions from F-35 bombers to public housing construction!Freezing rents and mortgages until the pandemic fear has passed seems sensible and necessary.

If we don’t accept nonviolent revolution, we will be upended by violent revolution, JFK warned.

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  1. Marc says:

    “Standard economics is wrong. Inequality and unearned income kill the economy. It is time to rewrite the rules of capitalism. This is a flawed, unfair system that socializes economic losses and privatizes the gains.” (Joseph Stiglitz)

    more at http://www.freembtranslations.net, http://www.therealnews.com, http://www.academia.edu, and http://www.onthecommons.org

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