Diagnosis and Therapy for Economic Plan B

Crisis and opportunity are represented by the same Chinese letter. In our total moral and political bankruptcy, why can’t we win people to an economic Plan B combining cooperation and cooperation?
Vancouver BC has 26 community centers that could be a third way beyond state and market. The US should be open to radical change and redistribution when its “senior advisors” (like Ivanka) turn out to be embezzlers!

The following questions reveal the contradictions of late-stage capitalism and the imperatives of radical change.

1) Is our financialized speculative economy dependent on draining foreign countries of capital, low interests, loans from banks and corporations, incomprehensible financial products and endless wars?
2) Has the financial sector made itself independent of the real economy and immune from systemic-structural change from the 2008 financial meltdown?
3) Since DC is full of lawyers, why can’t the chronic liar Trump be taken down because of malfeasance of his 300 companies?
4) Is it true that billionaires could give everyone a $3K check and still have more than they had in mid-March?
5) Why couldn’t the state seize the extra $70 billion gained by Bezos since mid-March and distribute it to the 50 states and hospitals?
6) What example is Amazon setting by not paying any federal tax for the last several years?
7) Are citizens dependent on an economy that is in a state of permanent collapse?
8) Did the TJN exaggerate in saying tax havens take $424 billion every day ($180 trillion every year) from the worldwide real economy?
9) Has the EU been effective in monitoring or reducing tax havens?
10) Are Delaware and Nevada tax havens?
11) Couldn’t everyone become researchers or translators with DeepL.com? Couldn’t academia.edu and openculture.com become public publishers?

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