Faith Heals Reason by Dorothee Soelle, 2011,

“There is a beautiful fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen where the devil builds a mirror that distorts everything beautiful and good into nothing. The most glorious countrysides appear like boiled spinach, the best persons are repulsive or without torsos.. This mirror cancels the creation itself. I asked myself whether or not Andersen meant instrumental reason.”

Lee Camp

Don’t blame immigrants for escaping desperate situations. Make the connection between: Immigrants from Honduras & the US-sponsored Coup in 2009 The US roots of MS-13 & immigrants from El Salvador Immigrants from Mexico & NAFTA’s disastrous impact on the Mexican economy

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  1. Marc says:

    “Total Help for Total Need” (Karl Barth) in a secularized culture that trivializes suffering, pretends that the market is self-healing and its own ethic and decries the selfless and transcendent as though dust created stars by a Big Bang!

    The ultimate needs the penultimate to become concrete and relevant. The penultijmate needs the ultimate as a vision, hope, and criterion in a culture of profit-mongers and war-mongers. Authentic life means self-commitment, involvement, and faith. We accept radical transformation, put on the new life with new priorities, needs, and desires and abandon the cult of the ego. Faith means the death of the ego and the celebration of the infinite, transcendent and selfless God (Soren Kierkegaard).

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