Flipping the Democratic Convention like Pancakes

The Sanders landslide was flipped into a Clinton victory. Read the 99-page report from electionjusticeUSA.org.
Election Justice – Protecting your voice in Democracy!

The warmonger repeated lies about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction and then nuclear weapons. The Wall Street liberal watched WalMart hide $76 billion of profits in the Cayman Islands. The hypocrite supported the coup in Honduras. Voting for the Iraq invasion should force Hillary’s resignation if truth and humility are still real. She could add years to her card by giving all her support to Bernie (or Western Canada)!!

In the lesser of two oligarchs and incompetents, the one who can complete a sentence is a shoe-in! The strength of the democrats is the folly of the republicans. The republican buffoonery gives Sanders an easy victory but the corrupt DNC forgot about being neutral and marginalized Sanders.

Narcissists forget others exist and fall in love with their own reflection and drown. Jean Twenge spoke about “The Narcissism Epidemic” on www.booktv.org. The cult of specialness, thought to be the ladder to success, turns out to be destructive of community and economic alternatives. The system works in the US when casino owners and dog race owners become enriched!

more at www.booktv.org (they go back more than 10 years!!!)

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