Freedom of the Press is Dead Worldwide

Freedom of the Press is Dead Worldwide When Unpleasant Journalists Can Be Simply Redefined as a “Hostile Secret Service

by Mathias Broeckers, 4/16/2019

CIA Director Pompeo claims Wikileaks is a “hostile secret service” and Julian Assange is not a journalist. Wikileaks embodies what a free press should do as the fourth branch – control power. Democracy cannot function without watchdogs. Watchdogs and whistle-blowers must be under special protection.

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  1. Marc says:

    Beware those who call darkness light, destruction peace, and a graveyard paradise! Beware the masters of diversion and whataboutism, who see specks in the eyes of others without seeing the logs in their own eyes! Beware those who only clean the outside of the cup and confuse representative politics with stuffing their pockets! Beware the destruction of language and democracy! Jeremiah warned of false prophets who proclaim “Peace, peace” and there is only destruction!

    How is Trumpism different than banditry, cutting everything but the military, damning the press, the judiciary, the Departments of Education and the EPA and any personal criticism? How is Trumpism different from Bonapartism where Trump identifies himself with the nation and competence, compassion and interdependence are replaced by subservience?

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