Greek Revolt Against Bad Economics Threatens European Elites

The referendum in Greece refuting the European Union’s unbending insistence on radical austerity as the medicine Greeks must continue to swallow is simply not to be missed for its multiple layers of significance. To put the core take-home first, we are all Greeks as they stand against the neoliberal orthodoxy. Their battle is perfectly of a piece with one that needs to be called by its name and waged in our great country.

The Greek crisis has given us an altogether exposing moment, to put the point another way. It is universal in all that it lays bare about the world’s political economy as it has come to be over the last, say, four decades.

Greek Revolt Against Bad Economics by Lynn Parramore, July 10, 2015

Radical Austerity’s Brutal Lies by Patrick Smith, July 11, 2015

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