Impeaching a President and Impeachment and Corruption by Matthias Rossbach and Mark Tushnet

Resisting “corruption: has occupied the American republic since its origin-along with the search for “virtuous leaders.” The impeachment process was understood as a remedy for corruption. The violation of the people’s trust through abuse of office – the misuse of power for one’s enrichment, the missing orientation in the common good – is the reason for removal from office.

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4 Responses to Impeaching a President and Impeachment and Corruption by Matthias Rossbach and Mark Tushnet

  1. Marc says:

    Trump with his two tax heists has attacked the poor, seniors, disabled, students and children, substituted “America first” for the UN Charter and international law (in Venezuela, Bolviia, Iran), assailed women, the Departments of Education and the EPA, ridiculed the Dept of Justice (especially judges appointed by Obama), appointed incompetent right-wing federal judges, cut a million children from free lunch programs and started smear and fearmongering campaigns against critical dissenting voices. All these are impeachable misuses of his office and acts of a corrupt and incompetent buffoon. He said Syrian oil was really our oil since we must ensure that the radical Islamists don’t get control. Yesterday, he said Ivanca created 14 million jobs when the economy altogether has only created 6 million. Language and democracy are victims of Trump’s Newspeak.

    Herbert Marcuse in “One-Dimensionl Man” said the one-dimentsional society is a society without opposition. He was writing in 1984 and warned about false needs and false consciousness and emphasized the need for liberation. Tell me Bro, what are the arguments against a three or four day work week, closing tax havens, ending tax competition, combating tax avoidance, and terminating stock buybacks, high-frequency trading and insider trading? According to, McDonalds spent $22 billion buiying back its stock and Walmart $20 billion. Giving their workers a $15 an hour wage woudl cost around $4 billion! Bernie drew record crowds at his Iowa rallies and corporate media ignored him!

  2. Marc says:

    Trump is a one-man constitutional crisis, a clear and present danger who has cut everything but the military. Cynicism and nihilism have replaced public spirit and trust between the generations, Tax cuts for corporations and the superrich have caused revenue shortfalls for states and communities. Infrastructures and public investment have long been neglected as the state only seeks to increase corporate profits. Tax havens, micro-second trading, stock buybacks and insider trading are all market distortions.

    The economy described by Trump as “booming” is really tottering. The economy is wasteful and speculative and has averaged a $600 billion annual balance of trade deficit since 2000!

    In attacking the poor, seniors, the disabled, immigrants, chidlren and students, Trump has assailed women, the Departments of Education and the EPA, the Judiciary, checks and balances, separation of powers, language and democracy. Along with appointing incompetent sycophants and billionaires, he has filled the Federal bench with incompetents and bootlickers! Enriching himself and misusing the office of president are impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors.

  3. Marc says:

    Beware of the insult culture! The foul-mouthed phony moron, chronic liar and pathological narcissist, relies on insults, threats and now (since his impeachment is imminent) profanity. The wannabe-dictator substitutes fear-mongering and scapegoating for domestic policy and foreign policy and buffoonery and show for policy and principle. This morning he said Nancy Pelosi was “crazy as a bed-bug”! Trump is a “fake President,” Robert Redford said on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show 11/28/2019.

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