Kierkegaard and Wounding from Behind

The Canadian looney is around 75-cents to the dollar so Canada is like a big discount shop for Americans. A week ago Trump described Canada as a “Big League deficit country” turning reality upside down. In truth, Canadians are super-warm-hearted, inclusive and enamored of their Canadian spirit and happiness of being Canadian.

Truth-telling in the way of Kierkegaard could teach humility to the misanthrope – wounding from behind, truth welling up within and indirect criticism. Are we headed backwards – the Stone Age or the Ice Age? Putting the cart before the horse can get messy like confusing the goat with the neoliberal gardener or speculative investment with productive investment! Facts or social justice can’t be called irrelevant.

Inequality hurts – when meaningful jobs are not created for the coming generation. Language falls apart – when tax fraud and insurance fraud are not prosecuted and revenue shortfalls lead to stagnation. Profit-making is different than profit-maximizing. Blocking out other realities – like destroying the EPA – is the path of least resistance, the path of a paralyzed and polarized system.

The time is right for countermeasures – for closing tax havens, affordable housing, infrastructure investment, person-oriented work, reduced working hours, shriveling the financial sector, expanding the public sector and community centers (like the 26 in Vancouver B.C.).

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