Make Social Democracy Great Again

Erik Olin Wright spoke of smashing, taming, escaping and eroding capitalism as alternatives of a transformational left. We must resist the “selective perception” of the elite that ignores market distortions (tax havens, stock buybacks, micro-second trading and insider trading), market failures (housing and health care), state failures (reducing the state to an errand boy for the banks), and the attacks on the poor, seniors, disabled, children and students.

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  1. Marc says:

    Poor Despite Work

    by and other German journals

    Vancouver B.C. has 26 community centers that give an identity to working and nonworking persons. Three hours of computer use, libraries, gyms, theaters, game rooms and $4 casserole dinners are among the many amenities. The economy should be a part of a greater whole or oikos that doesn’t crush self-determination and creativity. Led by the US, the financial markets worldwide have uncoupled from the real economy and public investments have stagnated.

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