Many Crises – One System: Counter Power in Catastrophe Capitalism

Many Crises – One System: Counter Power in Catastrophe Capitalism
by Martin Haller, John Hegerty and Thomas Walter, 7/14/2020
A revolution does not come out of nowhere, but emerges from the struggles in the here and now. The point is that we can only fight for social or ecological progress against capitalist principles.

These three articles are translated from the German on Marx21 at Happy reading and happy research!

Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people.

With encouragement and humility, everyone could be a translator or researcher with,, and

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2 Responses to Many Crises – One System: Counter Power in Catastrophe Capitalism

  1. Marc says:

    All glory, laud and honor to God made finite! Our alien righteousness urging us to see the child as the great servant! The ego must die for the self to be born. We create a new language and a new mathematics with new understandings of greatness, strength, health and abundance.

    The ultimate needs the penultimate for authenticity. The penultimate needs the ultimate for vision and direction. Without the particular (in Israel and Jesus), the universal is vague and evanescent. Without the universal, the particular often becomes self-righteous and insular, seeing nothing, hearing nothing and learning nothing. Trump, the Great Apostasy, the Great Tribulation stealing $8 trillion in two tax heists, drowns like Sisyphus gazing at his reflection.

    On the metahistorical or eschatological plane, selfishness and the accumulation regime are forever overturned by selflessness. Wonder and surprise fill our new life and metanoia. Let us be spiritual subjects, post-materialists not rushing from store to store!

  2. Marc says:

    Our nature is finite and infinite, full of darkness and full of light. When the economic and political system refuse to admit their failure and blindness, people can become myopic and fixated on personal optimization.

    Resistance is part of our nature as antibodies are part of our bodies. If we conform and refuse to rise above the Santa Claus personalities and double-speak rules, we lose our utopian nature and are without historical consciousness like frogs and goldfish!

    The universal had to become particular to be noticed and effective
    In our new creation or metanoia, we live in eternal life and lose our thirst and hunger. Let us be post-materialists and develop collective vision and resist false needs and false consciousness!

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