Myths of Free Trade: Attac Refutes TTIP Arguments

Myths of Free Trade: Attac Refutes TTIP Arguments

TTIP and Ceta are far more than trade agreements. They help strengthen the power of transnational corporations and weaken democratic institutions. Attac promotes just trade instead of fair trade. Labor rights, environmental standards and democracy must have prioirity over one-sided trade interests. Attac does its utmost for political and economic conditions that set distribution justice and quality of life at the center, not blind growth at any price.

The TTIP agreement between the EU and the US creates a parallel private arbitration system where corporations can sue states for lost profits and decisions are irrevocable. Labor and environmental regulations can be invalidated as “takings” or “indirect expropriation.” Public interest laws can be chilled or invalidated as infringements of the “human right to profit” of foreign investors.

Fast Track, TPP and TTIP Should Be Scrapped!

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