Neoliberalism: Submission as Freedom

Six from Rainer Mausfeld, professor of psychology and author of Fear and Power

Neoliberalism atomizes and commodifies. That is his conclusion, a painful insight leading us to immunize ourselves against manipulatively generated fears.

Rainer Mausfeld, Angst und Macht. Rule Techniques of Fear Production in Capitalist Democracies, July 2019


Rainer Mausfeld, “Markets as a Fetish,” January 2019

Rainer Mausfeld, “Neoliberal Indoctrination,” February 2016

Rainer Mausfeld, “Propaganda: Making Alternatives Disappear,” July 2016

Rainer Mausfeld, “The Gigantic Chasm between Democratic Rhetoric and Capitalist Reality,” August 2019

Rainer Mausfeld, “The Silence of the Lambs,” February 2019

Rainer Mausfeld, “We Live in a Time of Radical Counter-Enlightenment,” December 2018

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  1. Marc says:

    When the State Steps in to Save Profit: The New Great Recession, the State’s Response & the Left
    by Ingar Solty, March 23, 2020, published in Jacobin

    Faced with another global recession, many governments are responding with stronger state interventions

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