On the Power of Money: Three by Eugen Drewermann

by Eugen Drewermann and Iring Fetscher


Only faith (as in a religion), the “invisible hand,” the “law” of the “free” market can judge everything. State interventions can only be annoying. The market itself is allegedly “social”. Everyone acts according to his advantage. The system is not social but lives from the creation of permanent and growing injustice. “Needs” can be produced completely irrationally. Goods are both material and “positional” (Iring Fetscher).

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  1. Marc says:

    Francis said: “Jesus wants to say to every one : Courage, Open your heart to my love.” The universal had to become particular in Israel and then in Jesus. That is the scandal of particularity. God’s hand is always open. We must be wounded to be healed! (Dorothee Soelle, author of The Arms Race Kills Even Without War).

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