Please Disrupt Capitalism! and The Return of Hope

Please Disrupt Capitalism! and The Return of Hope
by Andreya Schneider-Dorr and Horst Eberlein

The old quotation from Gramsci describes our plight: “The old dies and the new cannot come into the world. It is the time of the monster.”

The Good News is that the time of no alternatives is over. The Bad News is that the wrong alternatives are discussed. How can we be heroes of the new story-line? A social security net does not suddenly become worthless. We become heroes of the story-line through enlightenment and data protection.

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We The People Cannot Fail December 1, 2017Review by Celia

Marc Batko is willing and able to ask the tough questions that are sorely needing answers, but unfortunately do not get asked enough. What kind of society do we really want to live in? How can we transition from ”excess to access and from more to enough”? What steps do we need to take to deconstruct and revitalize our failed economic system?

Here, Batko not only shows that it is possible, but also precisely how it can be done. Presented as an assortment of essays by various European alternative economists, each article discusses a particularly troubling aspect of our current crisis in reflective detail. The European explanations of how we came to be in such a predicament are both refreshing and eye-opening, as it is made clear that American neoliberalism and mainstream market-radical economic theory is to blame. As the author points out, the economy has such a powerful influence on our day-to-day lives, and yet so few of us really understand its true nature and how it works. There is a huge disparity in the knowledge of the general public and the amount of ”expert” knowledge that mainstream economists are willing to make accessible.

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