Public housing was missed

You can waste 44 years in the Senate in public service and then cry the police are underfunded. That was Biden’s new theme yesterday to grab the police fanatic title from Trump.

In truth, as Robert Reich reported, American taxpayers spent $107 billion more on the police than on public housing! Quite a perverse budgeting!

Public investment is often the elephant in the room. Stupidity is a choice in the knowledge age and is accompanied by fear and contempt of knowledge and the digital world, Narcissism is drowning in your reflection in the pond and refusing all self-correction. Trump thought he knew everything before coming to Wharton, one of his professors said.

Herd insensitivity comes from confusing commercials and police corporate media with conscious historical existence. The crowd is untruth, Kierkegaard said.

Biden must learn and repent for ignoring public housing. The social state, caring, sharing, and subsidizing are light in the privatization darkness. Germans and Americans regret the destruction of public housing. Reagan changed housing assistance to condominium mortgage assistance! Clinton opened the floodgates of speculation and enabled the housing distress to expand on the quiet.

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  1. Marc says:

    Neoliberalism is marked by profit worship, demonizing the state, and individualizing responsibility. Neoliberalism is a hodge-podge ideology and indoctrination that makes persons stagnant and inert without fulfillment and satisfaction.

    On the other side is the social state where losses and risks are shared and systemic contradictions and exploding inequalities are mitigated. This social state appears in the 26 community centers in Vancouver B.C.

    “When the state trusts citizens, citizens trust the state,” Justin Trudeau said. When will the US accept the help and positive example of O Canada and leave the language and logic of Ponderosa and Mr. Cartright?

  2. Marc says:

    Video: Ministry – Twilight Zone, 3 minutes

  3. Marc says:

    Library Workers Organize Against Lay-offs
    Hosted by: Paul Roland
    Produced by: KBOO
    Program:: Wednesday Talk Radio
    Air date:
    Wed, 08/26/2020 – 8:00am to 9:00am

    Library worker and organizer Windy Medrano is the guest

    Multnomah County library staff have been told that up to 128 library jobs may be cut. Library director Vailey Oehlke has made no effort to clarify the number of positions that will be cut to library staff. This has instilled a sense of fear and uncertainty for staff. Positions slated for elimination include clerks, the only digital equity librarian, access services assistants, library assistants, and youth librarians – including one-third of the BCLA (Black Cultural Library Advocates) youth librarians.

    Guest Windy Medrano is a bilingual Spanish-speaking library assistant and a represented member of the Local 88 Union. She has worked with Multnomah County Library for 9 years and in that time has worked closely with the Latinx community in East County. She is getting her degree in library and information sciences to become a librarian. She is part of the organizing effort to stop the layoffs and stand up against racism at the library. For more information please go to:

  4. Marc says:

    The chaos president and the hate preacher Pence must be upended in a regime change.

    “Biden-danger” is the whole Trump campaign. Sleepy Joe will “destroy American jobs,” “destroy American democracy,” and “destroy American suburbs,” Allegedly Biden didn’t say a word of protest against the violence in US cities, Pence exploded. Goebbels with his “total victory” addresses was like Pence and Trump in many ways. “International Jewry was exterminating Germany” and all power had to be given to the Fuhrer.

    This morning Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said the Democrats with their slow reopening caused the severe recession. No word about the $8 trillion tax heists that went to corporations and households with over one million dollars. No word about the bungled COVID-19 response costing thousands of American lives. No word about 40% of small businesses that probably won’t return. No word about the 40 million on unemployment and the 20 million who lost their health insurance with their jobs. No word about market failure and state failure. No word about Trump cutting everything except the military.
    State investment and state job creation are vital in the real world. State investment can stimulate private investment.

    Rethinking should be the order of the day. Reducing working hours is a socio-economic investment bringing better long-term health and more time sovereignty. 38-hour workers should work four days and be paid for 38 hours; part-time workers should be able to increase their hours.

    American taxpayers paid $107 billion more for the police than for public housing. Time for new priorities and new economic policies that de-carbonize the economy, de-privilege the car and serve the interest of the many and not the few! System change, not climate change! Job guarantees for the young! Redistribution from the top to the bottom and economic survivalism could replace corporate welfare, the tax avoidance industry, tax havens, micro-second betting, corporate stock buybacks, and insider trading. Market distortions must not be promoted.

    Today the Dept of Health and Human Services passed an eviction reprieve until Jan 1, 2021. Democrats under Sherwood Brown urge a $100 billion Renters Relief.

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