Radical change and alternative economics

What is rational in micro-economics (e.g. being competitive) can be irrational in macro-economics (e.g. countries beset with mass unemployment).
Neoliberal myths and fairy-tales like efficient financial markets, “finance drives the real economy,” the market is self-healing, growth can be infinite, nature is only a free good, external or sink and speculation is positive, have led to 1% owning as much as 99%. The financial sector should be shriveled and the public sector expanded. These are lessons from the 2008 financial meltdown.

The state can become indebted for future and present generations since it isn’t a business or a Swabian housewife. As crisis is represented by the same Chinese letter as opportunity, investments leading to a more human future can be positive. Don’t be caught by the Trumpian inversion of consciousness where sharing and cooperation are decried as weaknesses!

Radical change and alternative economics are imperative when cynicism replaces trust and scapegoating and fear-mongering on the federal level replace domestic and foreign policy!

The mainstream parties have imploded because they serve the trickle-down profiteers and the corporate media subverts the will of the majority. A Sanders/Warren or Sanders/Colbert ticket would turn away from profit-extremism. The state should serve the public interest and not be an errand boy of the banks (Bill Moyers) coddling private or special interests.

more at www.academia.edu, www.openculture.com, www.therealnews.com, www.onthecommons.org, and www.steadystate.org

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