Security State 4.0

Security State 4.0
Joachim Hirsch, 5/26/2020

The future of humanity and the earth require a break from the rule of capital and the security state. The security state is a violation of the constitutional state. Has the pandemic reduced social engagement to sewing masks?

The political public is now at least beginning to discuss again how to deal with the constitution and fundamental rights. It remains to be seen what will become of them.

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  1. Marc says:

    Trump should be known as the chaos and deficit president. He cut everything but the military, doubled the deficit from the Obama era, demonized regulation, and pilloried everything progressive. Average workers had higher earnings adjusted for inflation in 1969. The state steals away from its responsibility to feed and house its people and corporations steal away from their responsibility to pay fair taxes. The US has a speculative and wasteful economy where the affordable housing situation worsens every year. US taxpayers spent $107 billion more on police than on public housing. How can we change our priorities?

    Economism and unfettered capitalism made the market and competition into fetishes or self-healing elizers that would automatically bring affordable apartments and harmonious subjects. In truth, stagnation, debts and financialization are now leading to a corporate feudalism. Economic wealth paves the way to political power. Because of the concentration of power, six corporations own 90% of newspapers and 90% of publishers.

    As the 26 community centers in Vancouver B.C. have multiplier and cushioning effects, shriveling the financial sector and expanding the public sector would revitalize the US economy. Cooperation and competition depend on one another like the legs of a chair. The Refugee Welcoming Center, a three-building structure built in 2014 in Vancouver, has 200 beds, and language and cultural training for the new arrivals. Hope like the immigrant is inconvenient and requires new priorities. Hearts of stone must become hearts of flesh.

    The bomb changed everything except the way we think (Albert Einstein). Communities are safer and happier with subsidized apartments and community centers. Critical thinking and cultural shock are paths to a brighter interdependent future. Without humility, there is no sense of wonder (Soren Kierkegaard). Global warming and the enormous fires in California could be wake-up calls or writing on the wall urging us to state intervention, radical redistribution and public investment.

  2. Marc says:

    People are made poor by misguided policy and an inert government and the state makes itself poor by giving trillions to “too big to fail” banks.

    Trump’s botched response led to 200,000 deaths and an economy in an emergency free fall. Only radical countermeasures like state investments in workers, education, training, health insurance, care, and small businesses can avert collapse. The descent society is on the way to a crash society.

    Instead of love, fearmongering is a panacea for Trump and Barr. Protestors are called “domestic terrorists.” Fearmongering has a chilling effect on democracy, public assembly, public participation, and mental health.

  3. Marc says:

    “Majority rule must be balanced with minority protection for the state to be legitimate,” said Loni Gunier, Clinton’s attorney general for a while. Stupidity is a choice in the age of knowledge. Fight ignorance, not immigrants!

    Become a digital cloud-worker with! DeepL helps with 11 languages and can translate a billion words in under a second! With encouragement and humility, you can publish 8 or 10 books a month. Calling protestors “domestic terrorists” is a mark of darkness, authoritarianism, and intolerance. Time for apology and regime change!

  4. Marc says:

    from Robert Reich, Sept 27, 2020

    What is America really fighting over in the upcoming election? Not any particular issue. Not even Democrats versus Republicans. The central fight is over Donald J. Trump.

    Before Trump, most Americans weren’t especially passionate about politics. But Trump’s MO has been to force people to become passionate about him – to take fierce sides for or against. And he considers himself president only of the former, whom he calls “my people.”

    Trump came to office with no agenda except to feed his monstrous ego. He has never fueled his base. His base has fueled him. Its adoration sustains him.

    So does the antipathy of his detractors. Presidents usually try to appease their critics. Trump has gone out of his way to offend them. “I do bring rage out,” he unapologetically told Bob Woodward in 2016.

    In this way, he has turned America into a gargantuan projection of his own pathological narcissism. His entire re-election platform is found in his use of the pronouns “we” and “them.” “We” are people who love him, Trump Nation. “They” hate him.

    In late August, near the end of a somnolent address on the South Lawn of the White House, accepting the Republican nomination, Trump extemporized: “The fact is, we’re here – and they’re not.” It drew a standing ovation.

    At a recent White House news conference, a CNN correspondent asked if Trump condemned the behavior of his supporters in Portland, Oregon. In response, he charged: “Your supporters, and they are your supporters indeed, shot a young gentleman.”

    In Trump’s eyes, CNN exists in a different country: Anti-Trump Nation. So do the putative rioters and looters of “Biden’s America.” So do the inhabitants of blue states whose state and local tax deductions Trump eliminated. So do those who live in the “Democrat cities,” as he calls them, whose funding he’s trying to cut.

    California is a big part of Anti-Trump Nation. He wanted to reject its request for aid to battle wildfires “because he was so rageful that people in the state of California didn’t support him,” said former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor.

    New York is the capital of Anti-Trump Nation, which probably contributed to Trump “playing down” the threat of Covid-19 last March, when its virulence seemed largely confined to that metropolis. Even now, Trump claims the US rate of Covid-19 deaths would be low “if you take the blue states out.” That’s untrue, but it’s not the point. For Trump, blue states don’t count because they’re Anti-Trump Nation.

    To Trump and his core enablers and supporters, the laws of Trump Nation authorize him to do whatever he wants. Anti-Trump Nation’s laws constrain him, but they’re illegitimate because they are made and enforced by the people who reject him.

    So Trump’s call to the president of Ukraine seeking help with the election was “perfect.” It was fine for Russia to side with him in 2016, and it’s fine for it to do so again. And of course the Department of Justice, the US Postal Service and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should help him win re-election. They’re all aiding Trump Nation.

    By a similar twisted logic, Anti-Trump Nation is dangerous. Hence, says Trump, the armed teenager who killed two in Kenosha, Wisconsin, acted in “self-defense,” yet the suspected killer of a rightwinger in Portland deserved the “retribution” he got when federal marshals killed him.

    It follows that if he loses the election, Trump will not accept the result because it would be the product of Anti-Trump Nation, and Trump isn’t the president of people who would vote against him. As he recently claimed, “The only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged.”

    In the warped minds of Trump and his acolytes, this could lead to civil war. Just this week he refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power. His consigliere Roger Stone urges him to declare “martial law” if he loses. Michael Caputo, assistant secretary of public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services, warns “the shooting will begin” when Trump refuses to go.

    Civil war is unlikely, but the weeks and perhaps months after election day will surely be fraught. Even if Trump is ultimately forced to relinquish power, his core adherents will continue to view him as their leader. If he retains power, many if not most Americans will consider his presidency illegitimate.

    So whatever happens, Trump’s megalomaniacal ego will prevail. America will have come apart over him, and Trump Nation will have seceded from Anti-Trump Nation.

    Thanks for reading,

    Robert Reich

    PS: If you can, please support our work as we continue to call out Trump’s attempts to divide our country and undermine our democracy for his own political gain.

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