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Donald Trump put Social Security and Medicare cuts in every single one of his budget proposals. Now he’s holding giant rallies in the middle of a pandemic that’s killing tens of thousands of seniors.

New polls show that he’s down 10 points with voters 65+ and 22 points with women over 65.1 Older voters are taking notice of Trump’s contempt for them?and it’s because of the work we’ve done together!

Social Security Works and our members have been holding Trump accountable for his attacks on seniors since he was elected. Together, we’re going to stop his attacks once and for all, and EXPAND, never cut, our Social Security system! Become a member of Social Security Works with a donation of $5 or more today!

Trump’s latest obsession is defunding Social Security by attacking its dedicated funding. He calls it a “payroll tax cut” but this is just his latest in a long line of attacks on seniors, and the programs they rely on.

Trump spent his first year in office trying to destroy Medicare and Medicaid and replace them with Trumpcare, which would have devastated seniors in long-term care.

Trump put a Big Pharma executive in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services?the Cabinet position with the most control over lowering drug prices (or in this case, protecting drug company monopolies and bankrupting U.S. families).

Trump’s idea of fighting the pandemic, that’s killing seniors by the tens-of-thousands, is to pretend it’s over, even as cases are on the rise in 23 states!

Because of Trump’s inaction on the pandemic, the war on seniors has a body count. It’s up to us to hold him accountable! Become a member of Social Security Works today!


Alex Lawson
Social Security Works

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