System change

According to Robert Reich, US taxpayers paid $107 billion more on the police than on public housing. The upside down world happens through misguided priorities, neoliberal myths about the self-regulating market, and making the poor invisible.

If every billionaire paid every citizen $3K, they’d still have more than they had in mid-March!

Sergio Nick Merlo

Bennett Robyn
I’m sick of Neo-Liberalism from both sides of the aisle

The Pentagon is paid a million a minute, $760 billion a year while the country suffers in its worst economic- and health crisis! Projecting power in Vietnam, Iraq, Nicaragua, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan was creative destruction (Schumpeter) or collective megalomania.

Jeff Bezos gets this year’s Dead Planet award. What if Bezos returns the extra $70 billion since mid-March and gives it to states and hospitals! System change, not climate change.

A leap of faith across seventy-thousand fathoms of water is
necessary. “Without humility, there is no sense of wonder!”
(Soren Kierkegaard)

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