The chances of the Corona crisis by Ingar Solty, 4/2020

Public debt only became a problem after the bank bailouts…
Crises cause fear and reinforce deep-seated anxieties.. The market under capitalism is not an efficient distribution mechanism, but a means to enrich private corporations at the expense of society and its environment.

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  1. Marc says:

    To Kierkegaard, aestheticism is essentially indifference. The aesthete must make the great leap over 70,000 fathoms of water to the ethical and religious phases. Faith means the death of the cult of the ego and the celebration of the infinite and selfless God whose hand is always open and whose forgiveness is always possible.

    A person is finite and infinite. The crowd is untruth, constantly bewitched by the grand delusion of self-righteousness (cf. Eberhard Juengel), twisted by power and lust and mistaking the part and the whole, the means and the end and the personal and the public. Accepting the “alien righteousness” of Jesus, we begin again in the power of hope and anticipation (cf. Jurgen Moltmann and Dorothee Soerlle).

    God is our light, door, destiny, counterpart and goal, the auto-Aletheia, and the auto-Basileia.
    Christianity involves social justice and the eschatological reign of God in the present and the future.
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