The crowd is untruth and the Twitterer is untruth

Flakes, morons, phonies and the bull-headed need civil society as the particular needs the universal or the penultimate needs the ultimate (Dietrich Bonhoeffer).
Truth is often indirect – wounding from behind. (Soren Kierkegaard). Truth wells up within us at that moment and canot’t be commanded.
The crowd is untruth (Kierkegaard) as the Twitterer is untruth. 15 false claims a day for 2018 is exhausting!
Trump finished paying into social security tax 40 minutes into the new year! The cap at $164K means if you earn $330 million, you only pay in on the first $164K.
Hope like the immigrant calls for new perspectives. Faith is more interruption than custom. God help us to survive! (Talking Heads)

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  1. Marc says:

    Trump overload is sickening like cutting food stamps while giving tax exemptions for more private jets.
    Those who hate socialism must also hate the police, firefighters, public transportation, libraries, parks, and the military.
    Under the myth of America’s kind hegemony, the US has overthrown governments, manipulated elections, built secret armies, and committed political murders. The facade has finally crumbled – destroying countries in the name of democracy and human rights.
    People mock the lies and deceit of unending wars and don’t only submit and cackle over liquifying Vietnam, Iraq, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Libya,, and Afghanistan. The US destroys countries and then persecutes desperate immigrants, “tearing the skin from their bones” (Micah 3,1-2).
    Poverty and individual and collective insecurity come from false policy, from denying that the poor have human rights and reducing government to stuffing the pockets of the rich.

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  2. Marc says:

    Michel Foucault summarizes the core of Adam Smith’s theory of the invisible hand:
    “Praise God, people are only concerned with their own interests. Praise God, traders are complete egoists and those worried about the general welfare are rare. Supposedly, things will not function anymore when the general welfare become important.”
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    I wanted to share a story with you from Vancouver Sun:

    Housing Matters podcast: Fixes for Metro Vancouver’s rental accommodation shortage
    Housing Matters host Stuart McNish speaks with UBC professor Tom Davidoff, Vancouver Coun. Jean Swanson, and Hani Lammam of Cressey Development Group about strategies to build more rental accommodation in Metro Vancouver.

    Here are four options for affordable housing::
    1) Low Income Housing Tax Credits – has created 3-4 million units
    2) SROs – with shared kitchens and bathrooms
    3) Vienna Housing Fund – buys up potential land and prevents speculation, rents in Vienna are half the rents in Munich
    4) Create a nonprofit/cooperative housing department since private developers won’t build affordable housing

    I emailed Portland mayor Ted Wheeler and the councilpersons but they’re not ready for radical ideas or to credit citizens who are outside the box!

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