The discussion about Corona

by Herbert Bottcher, May 2020

Corona can only become a kairos if we gain the theoretical capacity of recovery and create the conditions for a transformation. Taking the healthcare system away from the markets and obliging large companies to be oriented in the common good would be steps to infrastructure socialism.

Corona shows us we need a paradigm shift and a system change to a nonprofit/cooperative housing system and a health system based on the common good and not profit. Capitalism is immoral and cannot satisfy the needs of the people under the drive of profit maximization and the self-healing market.

As Congress acted unanimously in May, Congress should give stimulus checks to the millions upended by the economic free fall and the COVID-19 crisis. Rents and mortgage-payments should be suspended until the pandemic curve is flattened.

Reduced working hours, a three-day work week, should be a “no-brainer” if the rising generation is to have meaningful work. Better long-term health and more time sovereignty will be the fruits! With encouragement and humility, and could make everyone into formidable translators and researchers!

Faith is a “leap across seventy-thousand fathoms of water.” “Without humility, there is no sense of wonder.” (Soren Kierkegaaard)

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