The Gigantic Chasm Between Democratic Rhetoric and Capitalist Reality

Interview with Rainer Mausfeld, July 2019

Democracy promises the greatest possible freedom from social fear and social determination. Democracy means renouncing on one of the most effective rule techniques: the systematic production of social fear. When those exercising power systematically generate fears, they block social judgment and paralyze readiness for decisions and actions.

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  1. Marc says:

    New translation service worlds ahead of Google
    Maybe translators can lead the way with a 3-day work week!

  2. Marc says:

    How Community Land Trusts Can Help Address the Affordable Housing Crisis
    The United States is in the middle of a massive housing crisis. The community land trust (CLT) model is highly flexible, and has huge potential for addressing the affordable housing crisis in America today.can help address it.
    August 22, 2019 Oksana Mironova Jacobin

    Over the past few years, the community land trust (CLT) model has been increasingly promoted as a solution by affordable housing advocates of many kinds, from anti-gentrification and tenants advocates to traditional community development organizations to large philanthropic institutions like the Ford Foundation and the Federal Reserve. The CLT model is highly flexible, and has huge potential for addressing the affordable housing crisis in America today.
    What Is a CLT?

    At its core, a CLT is an entity organized to maintain the ownership of land for a specific, community-oriented purpose, forever. It is designed to be a nontraditional form of property ownership, where the ownership of land is separated from the ownership of property.

    The relationship between the entity that owns the land and the entity that builds and operates the buildings that are on the land are defined by what’s called a “ground lease.” In the United States, ground leases are most commonly used in the development of commercial real estate. They give the developer of a building strong control over what happens to a property for a long period of time (for as long as ninety-nine years), while allowing the land owner to retain the rights to the land itself. In real estate terms, a ground lease allows a developer to substantially lower their front-end costs by avoiding paying for land.

  3. Marc says:

    The Embarrassment-in-chief, the one-man constitutional crisis is a clear and present danger, a bull raging through the china shop! Are we transitioning to a security state from a constitutional state? The security state is marked by generalized fear, depoliticized people and trust in a con-man with all-knowledge, a “stable genius” who can’t even spell hamburger.

    Kierkegaard warned “Without humility, there is no sense of wonder.” Narcissists like Trump and Ayn Rand say caring, sharing and compassion are weaknesses!

    more at,,, www/, and

  4. Marc says:

    Did the US decimate the Syrian export of oil?
    According to a German article, Syrian oil production before the war was around 380,000 barrels a day. Now they are trying to get it up to 7000 barrels, less than 1/50 of their main export revenue remains. The article says the US funded militias to bomb Syrian oil facilities with rockets. Is this true?
    Here is a link to Stefan Talman’s “The US is the gravedigger of international law.” He is a professor of international law at the Univ of Bonn.
    and to Rainer Mausfeld’s “We are in a Time of Radical Counter-enlightenment.”

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