“The Great Transformation Has Begun”: Interview with Fabian Scheidler

“The Great Transformation Has Begun” : Interview with Fabian Scheidler, author of “The End of the Mega-Machine: History of a Failed Civilization” (2015)


The core of this system, its over-arching law, is the endless accumulation of capital. That is its main goal to which everything else is subordinated. Persons and nature are used to make more money out of money. Therefore we are degraded to little wheels in this machine…

Resistance, the will to freedom, begins in the head. We can see how faith in the system slowly crumbles and partly collapses…

Neoliberalism, flight into low-wage countries, tax havens, financial speculation and so forth, restored the profits of big business and the class power of the top one-percent. However people do not have the money to buy all the goods and services… Debts must be piled up everywhere to keep the system going… Debt bubbles burst some time or other as in the 2007-2009 financial crisis. As a rule, states take over these debts and shift them to the population`. The financial crises become state crises and political crises as in the euro crisis.

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