The Social State in the Age of Global Capitalism by Michael Kratke and Elmar Altvater

Translator Marc on Oct 28

1.3 million in the Bay Area were in the dark for two days!  Time for nationalizing electricity, for a 3-day work week and time for “Be Kind to Californians Week” redefininig our priforities!   Back in 1930, John Maynard Keyes said 15 hours a week would be enough and he never saw the Internet.  Some say 10 hours a week would be enough if we knew how to use resources!  The great necessities are massive public spending, ending the tax avoidance industry and stock buybacks, restraining micro-second betting, tax havens and insider trading.  Mitch gets an extra $2 million a year thanks to a phone call early in the morning. These are market distortions – not everyone can buy in high frequency trading!  Let me know when the govt wakes up and creates a fair tax policy.  The state should have other priorities than increasing corporate profit!

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  1. Marc says:

    Marc Oct 29

    Nonviolence is stronger than violence. There is good in every person, explained MLK.
    Trump and the US military are wedded to the ideology “might makes right” and are now seeking to steal Syrian oil. Before the war, Syrian daily oil production was 380K barrels. Now they are trying to get production up to 7K a day. The US has financed militias to attack Syrian oilfields.

    The UN Charter and international law proscribe war and threats of war. Sanctions and stealing oil are acts of war, crimes against humanity and impeachable crimes.

    If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. In the rise and rise of the cult of the ego, international law and ethics are often reduced to wishful thinking and history becomes a distraction! The Big Fool marches on, Country Joe and the Fish sang during the Vietnam horror.

    Winner take all, hire and fire and the law of the stronger characterize the Anglo-Saxon labor market perspective. Trump’s America First mocks the UN Charter and international law. and leads us to the Stone Age, the Dark Age or the Ice Age. Can he replace principle and policy with buffoonery and show as he replaces domestic policy with sledgehammers and wrecking balls?

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  2. Marc says:

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  3. Marc says:

    Beyond NAFTA 2.0
    Toward a Progressive Trade Agenda for People and Planet
    by CCPA, IPS and RLS
    edited by Ethan Earle, Manuel Perez-Rocha and Scott Sinclair
    June 2019, 94 pp

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