The state must cushion the economic impact by Heiner Flassbeck, 3/23/2020

Heiner Flassbeck expects a slump of the German GDP of 20-30%, Neither Trump nor Merkel said a word about stabilizing the economy. You can’t just shut down the economy and then hope nothing happens. Companies, banks, and people must be supported. Money must go to those now becoming unemployed.

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  1. Marc says:

    “Corona Hysteria”: New book by bestselling author Peter Helmes

    [This book review published on 7/22/2020 is translated from the German on the Internet,

    “He who sleeps in democracy, wakes up in a dictatorship!” – The new Helmes book “Corona Hysteria” is out. A tribute from Joachim Siegerist

    Corona, Covid19, Spahn, Spam – poetry and truth. And everything is connected to everything, nobody can see through.

    But strangely enough, when you say “Corona”, everyone becomes an expert. Everybody talks, everybody knows better. As an observer of the theater I am no longer surprised about anything; because the German people seem to be caught by a new disease: Corona hysteria.

    Pills won’t help against it, and no complaining will help – no, the only thing that will help against it is factual argumentation, sound enlightenment and consistent action.

    But all this is missing from politics to an alarming degree.

    Peter Helmes – because of his age and his serious heart disease a highly Corona-prone contemporary – has nevertheless kept calm in the last months, has not let himself be infected by the hysteria and has written down what he noticed.
    50th book by Peter Helmes

    His notes are already a very special contemporary document. With his 50th(!) book – we counted – “PH”, as he likes to call himself, gives a deep and critical insight into the German soul. Helmes has observed and noted – not only what the politicians tell us, but also what the “common citizen” thinks and feels.

    Great his humble praise of friends and neighbors who have brought back to life a virtue long forgotten: humanity, kindness, helpfulness, selflessness. It is articles like this that give us courage, that do not let us despair, and that allow us to take a special pride in our fatherland. Among them is the tearful report about the Italian priest who leaves his respirator to a younger man – and then dies.

    And the author – who of his many readers does not know this with him? – also criticizes, well-founded criticism: the actions of the powerful, the spirit of the times and the all too weak resistance. He encourages reflection – and more consistent action. Helmes is guided by a wisdom of life:

    He who sleeps in democracy, wakes up in dictatorship!

    But PH also warns against a dangerous exaggeration in the supposed fight against the virus: With all perhaps well-intentioned defensive measures the constitutional state must not be endangered, the necessary steps must remain within the framework of the laws!
    Brutal police state

    Helmes points out with concern that the state has now assumed a role that could endanger the rule of law. He writes:

    “In the fight against Corona, we have introduced methods reminiscent of a brutal police state. Will our state become a police state with a reliable police force?”

    The sentence drops like a hammer and is unmistakable!

    I agree with the author on one point in particular: contradictions, zigzagging, orders and counter-orders often determine the government’s reactions, a clear line is missing. The result: the citizens are unsettled!

    What PH takes up in its new publication certainly does not claim to be complete. But it is intended to provide an insight into the problems and difficulties facing politics, business and citizens today.

    So Peter Helmes once again offers us an exciting reading about the conditions in our republic – excitingly written.

    The topic concerns us all! Please help us to publish as many ads as possible and to distribute the brochure (110 pages) widely. I have only one request: pass it on specifically! The brochure is too bad and too expensive to be distributed like a leaflet.

  2. Marc says:

    — from Until the coronavirus hit, Trump had not faced a real crisis in the Oval Office. A global pandemic is a doozy of a crisis. Still, it is inconceivable that anyone could possibly have handled the coronavirus any worse.

    Because he is incapable of admitting any mistakes, Trump has refused to adjust to the realities on the ground. It took until this week for him to finally urge Americans to wear masks. (I must admit that I share one discreet area of agreement with Trump. He did say, in so many words, that he would look like an idiot in a mask.)
    If you look at all the countries that have handled this pandemic successfully (and have been able to reopen safely), the path to getting the virus under control is clear. Absolutely essential components are social distancing and masks, testing, contact tracing, and isolation. Nothing could be dumber than saying that we’d have fewer cases if we had less testing. By that logic, we could finally get a grip on global overpopulation by prohibiting pregnancy tests.

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