The Superiority Conceit of the West Crumbles

The Superiority Conceit of the West Crumbles

by Ulrich Guhi

[This article posted in June 2023 is translated abridged from the German on the Internet, Rot Fuchs June 2023.]

When I was recently on the Internet, more and more stunned writers raised the question “How could it come to this?”

Obviously, the old spirit of the master race in Germany never really disappeared but was only modified. Owed to political circumstances after 1945, it was given a new packaging and remains alive.

After 1945, the word “race” in Germany was discredited as a description for the superiority of what was called “western civilization.” But that didn’t change the fact that the feeling of superiority persisted. For decades, people in Germany (BRD) were filled with the seeming certainty of being the best in everything. German laws, norms, products and German diligence were always better than anywhere else. Old Germans felt superior to people in the east and south and often camouflaged this superiority conceit with a patronizing attitude that was then sold as tolerance and openness. German citizens were told that only they lived in a genuine democracy, only their land flourished and the rule of law and freedom only existed here.

The word “race” was replaced with the term “values” which the Federal German system alone represents. By denying the value claims of other peoples, a new race doctrine was created through the backdoor so to speak, without most people in the West noticing how deeply racist this attitude was.

The idea that other cultures could have legitimate values was still far away. Besides, the fixation on the value-ideology of the West had the advantage that its apparent realization occurred in the appreciation of its own trade. If the old master race doctrine of the Nazis was a question of birth that one could not influence, values were a moral achievement acquired through one’s attitude in the course of life that one could always put on parade.

The new value-racism was a feel-good racism promising satisfaction and comfort. Others simply did not want to comprehend what was entirely clear to every inhabitant of the western value community: Only here is there a place in the sun. The new national community as a value-community, like the old national community after 1933, was and is an explicitly exclusive club with race ideologies.

In inventing ever-new values, the Greens were and are very creative in their missionary zeal and their confidence which would make very Jesuit colleague blush. Strangely enough, values often prevail that are against the majority opinion in the population – whether the gender nonsense that destroys an old cultural language or the invention of new genders without which humanity marvelously managed for a thousand years. Interestingly, these values never build bridges but separate and only offer pseudo-solutions for problems like gender injustice immanent to the “value-community.”

As with all race ideologies, the capacity for self-critical analysis and distance to one’s own claim is lacking in value-racism. Others are always only considered, not oneself.

Here we are at the paradox of value-racism. It’s advantage over biological racism is at the same time its greatest disadvantage. The disadvantage of biological racism is its decisive advantage. The racist who believes he is superior by birth doesn’t have to constantly prove his superiority… The eyes of the world have long been focused on the huge difference between claim and reality and the picture delivered by the value-West is not flattering. The one constantly intoxicated with superiority conceit has long resembled the emperor without clothes. The crumbling facade is only laboriously maintained with increasingly striking lies, self-deception, double standards and hypocrisy and blocks critical examination of those disparaged as “third world” and the backward East. It is certainly no accident that the West prohibits critical media and persecutes and slanders dissidents or those thinking differently. Everything for which the West earlier reproached others is true for itself today. These signs of weakness and decay are sure evidence that the life-lies or grand delusions of the superiority of one’s own values are only fit for those who want to unconditionally believe these lies. With every new lie, the illusionist saws off the branch of its own existence since the deceptions must become greater and greater and increasingly incredible to rescue itself from one crisis to the next and fade out reality as long as possible.

The mission functions best domestically. In the eyes of the world, it is only a bad joke. Whoever bombs cities like Baghdad and Belgrade in the name of one’s values and kills millions in wars through violence, hunger and emergency cannot be a messenger of noble claims by speaking to others in arrogant high-handedness. He is the repulsive picture of Dorian Gray who in the end was destroyed by the reality that he inevitably had to face.

The truth is that a social system built on profit knows only one value – the account balance. A social model erected on exploitation of the world cannot represent any binding values. That is part of truth. The profit-worshiper is unable to live with others in equal rights and peace and is incapable of democracy, tolerance and an existence at eye level in the community of the peoples.

At the end, the bubble will burst and the mission will fail… In the West, people engage in dumb phrase-mongering or pretend to be muscle-men top cover up their own threatening failure. Children sometimes close their eyes so they don’t see what makes them scared. But it is there. When people in the West are confronted with the knowledge that the feeling of their own superiority was a deception or swindle, the awakening will surely be traumatic. We should not gloat because the people who have never known anything but western propaganda are deceived and defrauded and in my eyes victims of a misanthropic ideology whose time has
run out.

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