The US election as a turning point
The US election as a turning point
by Bernd Druecke, Nov 2016

The goal of anarchism is to interrupt the continued reproduction of domination. Therefore, we seek emancipatory methods of decision-making that organize social life without leaders, command and obedience. We need enlightenment, a free press critical of domination, counter-publics, and social movements that fight for the dignity of all people.

We will write history from below


John Bellamy Foster and Intan Suwandi, Covid-19 and disaster capitalism, 6/1/20
Monthly Review | COVID-19 and Catastrophe Capitalism,
The COVID-19 crisis is not to be treated as the result of an external force or as an unpredictable “black swan” event, but rather belongs to a complex of crisis tendencies that are broadly predictable, though not in terms of actual timing. Today, the center of the capitalist system is confronted with secular stagnation in terms of production and investment, relying for its expansion and amassing of wealth at the top on historically low interest rates, high amounts of debt, the drain of capital from the rest of the world, and financial speculation.

Income and wealth inequality are reaching levels for which there is no historical analogue. The rift in world ecology has attained planetary proportions and is creating a planetary environment that no longer constitutes a safe place for humanity. New pandemics are arising on the basis of a system of global monopoly-finance capital that has made itself the main vector of disease. State systems everywhere are regressing toward higher levels of repression, whether under the mantle of neoliberalism or neofascism.

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