The US under President Trump: Gravedigger of International Law by Stefan Talmon

The US under President Trump: Gravedigger of International Lawby Stefan Talmon, 3/27/2019

Prof. Stefan Talmon is the director of the Institute for International Law at the University of Bonn

The US collaboratively built international law and its institutions and had an authoritative influence for more than 100 years. Today, the US is (1) turning away from rule-based international law, (2) violating individual norms of international law, and (3) openly undermining the legal order under international law.

The US under President Trump shows an unparalleled contempt for international law with its recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights.


New 44-page report “International Regulatory Cooperation and the Public Good,” 5/21/2019

“Corporate trade as usual” – Corporate Europe Observatory 5/22/2019

Marc’s note: Eliminating Monday – until the con man is gone – makes sense on myriad levels. Reducing working hours is a socio-economic investment!

Germans produced 30% more in the last 40 years with 30% fewer workers! A 4-day work week would be so sensible – for better long-term health, more time sovereignty, less stress on the environment and less gridlock. Did wealth concentration and the elite democracy make us a slow, backward oriented people? has 3 million papers and moves research into a new world!

In 1930, John Maynard Keynes, the famous economist, thought a 15-hour work week would be enough – and he never saw the Internet!

Visit Vancouver B.C. with its 26 community centers and a computer-operated Sky Train light rail and you become radicalized in what our slow, backward-oriented, hyper-materialistic society could become!

The 4-day week would be a social revolution! The state is not a business or a Swabian housewife but can become indebted to help present and future generations. The zero deficit is a myth as “finance drives the real economy” is a myth.

Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people! Reducing working hours is a socio-economic investment – giving better long term health and more time sovereignty!

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  1. Marc says:

    “No Ordinary Lawsuit” by Mary Wood, 2017, 65 pp
    The Public Trust Doctrine. The state must protect nature for coming generations

  2. Marc says:

    “95 Theses Against the Rule of the Financial Markets”
    by and Michael Brie

  3. Marc says:

    US-China trade war escalates
    by Martine Bulard, October 2018

    Trump’s protectionist gamble. `US wants to rein in China’s rise in the world.’
    Trump’s personal protectionist trade war with China seems unstoppable, although the Chinese are already finding their way around some restrictions. But the enmity goes a lot further than trade.

  4. Marc says:

    Venezuela on their minds. Hating Maduro just isn’t enough.
    by Alexander Main, director of international policy at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, DC

    Latin and Central America’s rightwing governments are in line with the Trump administration in their dislike of the Caracus government. It’s not a strong bond.

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