Things fall apart; the center cannot hold (W.B. Yeats)

If all you have is a hammer, everything can look like a nail.

If, like Trump, you cut everything but the military, the land can become a boarded-up free-fall economy.

If revolving doors replace checks and balances and the super-rich and big corporations shift their profits to tax havens, inequality explodes, work becomes precarious and fear, insecurity, and indifference become universal instead of freedom, justice, mercy and shared responsibility.

The financial markets became independent and took funds from the real economy. The media and politics have long been wedded in the US.

Subjects like tax havens, the tax avoidance industry, stock buybacks, insider trading, micro-second betting, lobbyists replacing lawmakers, the Republican party morphing into the Trump party, the economically strong becoming the politically strong, Trump blaming China, Obama, Hilary, fake news, Democrats and Obama judges, emoluments violations, scapegoating reminiscent of Hitler, slandering free opinion and dissent calling to mind the Orwellian newspeak, denouncing all countries as “cheaters,” degrading Germany as “Russia’s puppet,” mocking separation of powers and checks and balances, $8 trillion in tax heists, attacks on the poor, seniors, disabled, students and children, International law, the UN Charter, the International Criminal Court, the UN Human Rights council, nuclear arms agreements, and the Paris Climate agreement are all taboo subjects for corporate media.

The state should serve the public interest and remedy market failures and help those under the wheel and not serve special and private interests turning our beloved country into an unfeeling plutocracy.

The vicious, incompetent authoritarian is a clear and present danger to language, democracy, and a peaceful and more egalitarian society.

Vote the misanthrope, xenophobe, homophobe, chronic liar, pathological narcissist, pathological paranoid, failed casino owner and sexual predator out of office – and into extinction!

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  1. Marc says:

    from, 6/20/2020

    POTUS can’t pardon themself.

    True, the Department of Justice issued a memorandum opinion on August 5, 1974, stating that a president cannot pardon himself.

    Aside from that memo the issue if a President can pardon himself is still an undecided issue of law as no President has attempted to pardon himself creating the standing where the Judicial branch could rule on its Constitutionality.

    In the aftermath of the Mueller investigation where ten instances of obstruction of justice were outlined, the DoJ memo that opines a sitting President can not be indicted serves to show the failures of that DoJ opinion memorandum in today’s politically charged legislative environment.

    Over the last two generations, the government of the United States has come to function in much the same manner as the government of a classic Banana Republic. Given the state of our nation Commander Bone Spurs might as well dress up as Six Star, Grande Marshall, Generalissimo, Fuehrer Drumpf, and command the Mississippi River flow from south to north one week a month while issuing his own pardon.

  2. Marc says:

    Corona: The Collapse of the System

    Interview with Ernst Wolff, 2020, 33 min

  3. Marc says:

    Hitler created a threat out of thin air by repeatin “International Jewry was exterminating Germany.” All power had to be given to him in this “total war.”

    Before Mount Rushmore, Trump created a threat out of thin air to divert attention for his complete failure, breaking primary promises to maintain social security and medicare and staging himself, the lawless and deficit president, as the law-and-order savior!

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