Trump and the Post-Factual by Sebastian Schindler

Trump’s politics is naive and skeptical, gullible and cynical. Trump’s relation with truth is like a generalization of conspiracy theory assumptions that see manipulative-conspiratorial activities at work behind ob servable reality. Beware pathological narcissists who are pathological paranoids!

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  1. Marc says:

    Alternative economics is the command of the hour. Traditional trickle-down economics cannot remedy exploding inequality or precarious work. The market and competition are made into natural laws when they are fetishes.

    What is vital in micro-economics (e.g. competition) can be disastrous when fetishized in macro-economics (e.g. mass unemployment/ precarious work).

    The economy that was kept afloat with social security, consumer loans and the clunker premium will suffer with food stamp cuts, Meals-on-Wheels, Pell grants, WIC and attacks on education, the judiciary, the EPA and the media!

    The financial markets uncoupled from the real economy and made themselves independent!

    Don’t let the “Look away” media trivialize the Big Empty, the foul-mouthed chronic liar and clear and present danger, the one-man constitutional crisis (John Nichols). The people taken away by anti-communism and Russophobia should have become anti-fascists (cf. “Ministry. Victims of a Clown” and Neil Young “Shock and Awe” on

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