Trump as a one-man crime wave

Trump, a one-man constitutional crisis, a one-man crime wave and a one-man sledge hammer of democracy (Noam Chomsky), was a pathological narcissist and a pathological paranoid, a chronic liar, fear-mongerer, child molester, slanderer, enemy of the poor, minorities, disabled, children and students who denounced the press as the enemy of the people and stole nearly a billion dollars while pretending to be a successful businessman. Roy Cohn taught him to blame others and never accept responsibility. The media gave him a platform worth billions instead of embarrassing and eliminating him as a “clear and present danger” and scourge of language and democracy. Caligula who appointed his horse to the Roman Senate, Hitler, Mussolini and Nebuchadnezzar were Trump’s predecessors in debauchery, vanity and nihilism.

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  1. Marc says:

    Happy days are here again! The orange clown/monster was thrown out of office. Now Amazon and Bezos are $70 billion richer since mid-March and public life is frozen or paralyzed to ward off the virus. That excess money could pay for nurses or be dispersed to the 50 strapped states!

    Authoritarian neoliberalism chooses ignoring and marginalizing instead of compromise. Corona magnifies the contradictions in late-stage finance capitalism where only mini-jobs are created and tents and homeless expand. Only the propertied seem to have enforceable rights. Many repugnacrats refuse to accept President Biden. Our country is surely rich in things and poor in soul, a failed state, an untied state! Another world is possible! After removing the upside-down misanthrope, the upside-down GDP, shareholder value, profit maximization and the self-healing market must be finally overcome!

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