Trump’s strategy of tension

Trump’s strategy of tension by Paul Simon, 9/3/2020

“No one will be safe in Biden’s America!” This was Donald Trump’s message over the three days of the Republican National Convention in August 2020: Danger. Danger through crime, through China, through the supposedly radical agenda of the Democrats – and through riots.

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  1. Marc says:

    Do you believe a serial liar?

    Trump was under the pressure of his income tax scandal, and his record breaking un-presidential performance in the debate with Biden. And atop that the nation’s growing dissatisfaction with his handling of the pandemic ahead of the election. Something had to be done.

    In true corporation style of win-win, viola, Trump has contracted the corona virus! The news pressure of the tax scandal, his attacks on the election process, and the debate charade is off and Trump is a victim of the pandemic. Brilliant! Do you believe a serial liar?

    The confusion about when he allegedly came down with the virus, how severe it is or isn’t, what treatment he is being given or not given, and his condition points to his sycophants not being able to coordinate their lies.

    Then, Trump jumps into his limousine and makes a victory lap before an admiring throng of his deplorables, again in true corporate style of win-win, to feed his massive ego, and to show the deplorables more disregard of the pandemic safety guidelines.

    Do you believe a serial liar?

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