War on Facts. The Fatal Consequences of Fact Resistance by Adrian Lobe

War on Facts
The Fatal Consequences of Fact Resistance
by Adrian Lobe, 1/26/17


The media that should have upended and embarrassed the propagandist legitimated him with billions of free advertising. The egomaniac could see China as merely the dust on his table and the global world economic collapse as an ocean breeze (translator’s note).

Trump’s War on Facts may leave behind even greater damage than Bush’s War on Terror. While Bush and Rove created a fantasy world, Trump created a never ending nightmare.

The new US president wages a war against reality and not only a war against the media. Trump is a semi-fictional figure from Reality TV. His election promises were fictional like his deportment as a Self-Made man.

Facts are inconstant and transient in his political universe. Trump’s statements should be understood for what they are: fiction. The subversion of democracy begins with the subversion of its epistemological foundations.

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