We the Scattered in the Insult Society

We the Scattered in the insult SocietyHans-Peter Martin, Sept 24, 2018


Hans-Peter Martin is the author of “Game Over. Prosperity for a Few, Democracy for No One, and Nationalism for Everyone” (2018). Now it is Game over for the West, for our civilization model. Capitalism functions even without democracy and without observing liberal human rights.

How our Republic Could Die in the Age of Trump – in a Stunning Parallel to the Fall of Rome
by Thom Hartman, May 21, 2019 – Thanks, Thom!

“Economics as a Religion” by Arnold Wentzel, Johannesburg

Happy reading and happy research! Thanks, academia.edu for 3 million papers!

AMERICA’S CALIGULA CULTUREby jon kofas, Thanks academia.edu!


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