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An Introduction

The time is right for alternative economics, for Plan B! Alternative economics means reducing working hours, investing in the infrastructure, emphasizing person-oriented work and labor-intensive investment, in a word social growth instead of conventional growth (cf. “Social Growth,” 2012 … Continue reading

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Surveying Utopia

A Conversation about the Myths of Capitalism and the Coming Society By Raul Zelik and Elmar Altvater [The following chapter on economics published in: Surveying Utopia (“Vermessung der Utopie,” 2010) is translated from the German on the Internet.] Raul Zelik, … Continue reading

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The Anti-Terrorism Task Force

author: Marc Batko September 2001 email Marc “The Sabbath was made for humankind; people were not made for the Sabbath.” The state was made for individuals; individuals were not made for the state. The FBI has enough authority. The imperative … Continue reading

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Three Poems for the New World

author: marc November 2003 email Marc May these poems help in defending the social logic against the profit logic! As spirituality means letting go (cf. Richard Rohr, Simplicity and the Joy of Letting Go, 2003), Jesus calls us to a … Continue reading

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Nature as Healer and Teacher

author: Marc Batko December 2004 email Marc Nature is a healer and teacher, a wounded healer and scorned teacher, a majestic fountain of awe, wonder and inspiration. This essay focuses on the misuse and commodification of nature and calls us … Continue reading

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Being Civilized means Learning from the Past

author: Marc Batko March 2003 email Marc “War is not the Path to Peace” by Andrew Lichterman is available on The following theses can help us reclaim language under attack by re-legitimation of war, re-militarization of foreign policy, social … Continue reading

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Liberation Theology

author: Marc Batko email Marc Essay on Liberation Theology Liberation theology originating in Latin America was described by Gustavo Guiterrez in his seminal book “Theology of Liberation” (1970). The prophets in the Old Testament (or First Testament) and Jesus in … Continue reading

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Faith Heals Reason

author: Dorothee Soelle January 2012 e-mail:email Marc There is a beautiful fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen where the devil builds a mirror that distorts everything beautiful and good into nothing. The most glorious countrysides appear like boiled spinach, the … Continue reading

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