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Neoliberalism as a Variant of Social Darwinism: Ten Million More Unemployed

“Social cuts are a danger for democracy…Poverty eats away at the heart of society. When fear of social descent or collapse seizes the middle class, the danger grows that exclusion-ideologies like racism, nationalism or social Darwinism may gain acceptance..” (Christoph … Continue reading

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Humanism and Violence by Stefan Silber

The ideology of the invisible hand of the market transforms all barbarism that is committed into human service.. The modern age is a doubled humanism..State terrorism presents itself as humanist realism, as the only true way of protecting life. When … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Clarke and Dawe – Margaret Thatcher’s Legacy

perkinw 20 hours ago Kenny Everett: “When we were a kingdom, we had a king. Whe we were an empire, we had an emperor, . Now we are a country and we have Margaret? Thatcher.” Apparently she was called The … Continue reading

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Growth Euphoria and Distribution Reality by Norbert Reuter

“The chasm between poor and rich opens even more. The uncoupling of growth and quality of life on one side and productivity and work volumes on the other side makes clear that `business-as-usual’ leads to growing problems, not to a … Continue reading

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Bread of Life

. A Meditation by Christoph Fleischer, 2013, translated from the German BREAD OF LIFE Sermon on John 6, 47-51 by Christoph Fleischer [This sermon published on February 26, 2013 is translated from the German on the Internet,] ‚ÄúTruly, truly, … Continue reading

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