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“Obama is a Prisoner of this Machine”

“OBAMA IS A PRISONER OF THIS MACHINE” The American sociologist Norman Birnbaum is disappointed by Obama’s politics Interview with Norman Birnbaum A few years ago Barack Obama pleaded in Europe for the rule of law and respect for human rights. … Continue reading

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Addicted to Liquidity Injections by Thomasz Konicz

“Bernanke’s announcement of lower monthly printing of money was enough to make stock exchanges collapse in many threshold countries that massively raised the interest level and promoted a quick devaluation of the currencies there. These shocks in the semi-periphery of … Continue reading

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Lobbyism: The Erosion of Democracy by Lobby Control in Germany

THE EROSION OF DEMOCRACY Lobbyism. Increasing professional tightrope walking, the opening of the state for influence-peddlers and the Brussels paradise. Lobby Control study group presents ten theses on lobbyism. By Lobby Control [The following theses published 6/25/2013 are translated from … Continue reading

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A Brief HIstory of Neoliberalism by David Harvey

David Harvey, A Brief History of Neoliberalism, 2005 Few topics raise the ire of leftist academics more than neoliberalism. Advocating property rights, free markets, and free trade, neoliberalism exploits the self interest that drives capitalist economic growth, which in turn … Continue reading

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