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Ten Theses on the Crisis and its Solution and Good Intentions but Shipwreck by Stephan Schulmeister

[These theses published in the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation news 14.2010 are translated from the German on the Internet, Stephan Schulmeister is an economic researcher in Vienna. The transition from finance- to a real capitalist economic … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Stagnation and Depression by Joachim Bischoff

Politics has fought the symptoms of the great crisis with banking- and economic packages while its systemic causes remain untouched… The hardest phase of the great crisis is ahead of us, not behind us. All sectors try to safeguard their … Continue reading

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The Dislocation of Homo Oeconomicus and Reflections on Damaged Democracy

The economy should be a part of life, not a steamroller crushing self-determination and creativity. The Homo Oeconomicus represents the danger of economic reductionism where profit maximization and self-seeking replace narrowness for fulfillment and where short-term practical constraints eclipse long-term … Continue reading

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Normal Catastrophes, The Age of Uncertainty and The Industrialization of Thinking

Instead of offering enlightenment about social reality, the media function as an amusement enterprise and immobilizing machine. Information mutates into infotainment and doesn’t guarantee even the most banal necessities for the citizen.. Advanced civilization is marginalized in many social areas … Continue reading

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