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VIDEO: “The Four Horsemen”

Finance capitalism is an outgrowth of self-healing markets and too-big-to-fail banks, speculation and money out of thin air, perverse business models and perverse incentives. to watch the 1hr 38 min 2012 video “The Four Horsemen” with Noam Chomsky, Simon Johnson, … Continue reading

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2013 UN Trade and Development Report, 186pp Five years after the onset of the global financial crisis the world economy remains in a state of disarray, with global output growing at around 2 per cent and global trade growth virtually grounding to a halt, the Trade … Continue reading

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Free Internet Book: The Common Good of Humanity, 379pp

authors: François Houtart and Birgit Daiber, 2012, from the Rosa Luxemburg foundation :e-mail: [email protected] Rethinking the reproduction of life and the continuity of life on our planet from the perspective of the paradigm of the Common Good of Humanity is … Continue reading

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Where Congress Stands on Syria

Where Congress Stands on Syria author: Washington Post [email protected] Lawmakers appear to be tentatively dividing into four camps over military action in Syria. Each square represents a lawmaker who has indicated how he or she might vote, and the sentiment … Continue reading

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Obama and Power—Not Addressing Doubts—Declare The UN and International Law Outdated and Dysfunctional.

Karolina on : President Barack Obama, in a press conference at the end of the G-20 meeting yesterday, essentially declared the UN to be an outdated and dysfunctional institution which will therefore be totally ignored. Later in the day … Continue reading

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Ingo Schulze: ten theses about the crisis

It is the madness that has become self-evident: for years, the public sphere has been plundered and democracy ruined. The German writer Ingo Schulze has had enough. Here he sets out ten reasons to take himself seriously again. “If the … Continue reading

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