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Video: Capital in the 21st Century, 1hr 30min

to watch the 1hr 30 min presentation by Thomas Piketty, click on Joe Stiglitz And Paul Krugman On ‘Capital In The Twenty-First Century’ The French economist Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics) discussed his new book ‘Capital in the … Continue reading

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Video: Ha-Joon Chang on Economics, 26min

Ha-Joon Chang is a professor of politics and economics at Cambridge University. to hear Prof. Chang on “What is Economics? A User’s Guide,” 26 min from 5/23/2014, click on In his talk, Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang provides the fundamental … Continue reading

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Financial Bubble Inflammation by Tomasz Konicz

Bubble formation covered up a period of long-lasting stagnation… Former US Treasury secretary Larry Summers even spoke of stagnation as a “new normality”… Crisis consequences are shifted to other subjects… Unemployment and indebtedness are exported. Shrinking the financial sector and … Continue reading

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Tax man’s gloomy message: the rich get richer

to read the article about Thomas Piketty and his “Capitalism in the 21st Century” by Eliot Marshall, click on] Despite Piketty’s popularity, his message is harsh. He labels as “a fairy tale” the long-accepted idea that wealth and income … Continue reading

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