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Why Austerity Kills by Joachim Kasten Political-economic decisions decide over the life and death of people. These are the misguided decisions of politicians and managers sacrificing people in the US, Russia, Thailand and Greece. The New Deal stands for an effective debt reduction, not only … Continue reading

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Stop the TTIP!

TTIP stands for “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” and is also known as TAFTA, Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement. It is a free trade agreement of 800 million that has been secretly negotiated since June 2013. Corporate groups or multinationals dominate … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Unexpected Crisis and Security by Tobias Straumann and Georg Seesslen

Many knew the rise of housing prices for years had to end some time or other.. Four theses explain why the Fed was not active during the real estate boom: power of lobbyists, market ideology, trust in abstract academic models … Continue reading

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