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The Rebirth of the One-Thousandth Society

The Rebirth of the One-Thousandth Society by Austrian economists Matthias Schnetzer and Markus Marterbauer The richest thousandth (0.1%) increased their share in the total wealth very intensely since the 1980s. Their share – 22% – is as much as … Continue reading

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Video: Plenitude – Reducing Working Hours, 5 min Films For Action This fun animation provides a vision of what a post-consumer society could look like, with people working fewer hours and pursuing re-skilling, homesteading, and small-scale enterprises that can help reduce the overall size and impact of … Continue reading

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Taxpayers/ Public Funds Brought Smart Phones by Mariana Mazzucato

All personal achievement would have been impossible without state investment in roads, schools, hospitals, airwaves, health and food safety. The Internet, the touch screen and smart phones would not exist without state funds. Steven Jobs and his people only combined … Continue reading

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The Meme Wars, The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics, 408 pp

to read the free 408 page Internet book by Kalle Lasn, Adbusters, click on Manfred Max-Neef is at pp.88-93. Kick It Over CLIMATE CHAOS. ESCALATING INEQUALITY. FINANCIAL VOLATILITY. Multiplying real-world disasters sprung from the fantasy world of neoclassical economics … Continue reading

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How Economists Change the World by Stephan Schulmeister

Theory development is also a war over dominance – at the universities, in the media and in politics. The goals of Hayek’s war were expulsion of the Keynesians, liberalization of the financial markets, abandonment of full employment policy, dismantling the … Continue reading

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